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USU seal without motto

Due to the USU seal's intricate design (typical of most seals), it should be used only in an official capacity at the university. The logo will be used in all other cases. The USU seal is registered with the Institute of Heraldry and should not be modified. It is designed in the shape of a circle, and care should be given when sizing the seal to ensure it is not distorted otherwise. Uses of the seal can be found at the following link: USU Branding.
Seal elements include a three-colored shield, the colors of which represent the medical departments of the Army, Air Force and Navy (maroon, white/silver and dark blue). Four stars represent the Army, Navy, Air Force and Public Health Services.
The flaming torch (in gold) is entwined by a green serpent combining the wings, staff (lower torch) and serpent of both the staff of Aesculapius and the caduceus, both of which are symbolic of the medical profession. The torch also alludes to the USU medical education and research missions as well as the "torch of learning." The globe (in DOD light blue) represents the capability to use the existing worldwide medical resources of the military medical departments. The color gold symbolizes wisdom and achievement; green denotes health, life, and vitality; it is also the faculty color for medicine. Finally, the shape of the shield represents both academia and the military.
The motto, when present on the seal, is not an official part of seal; it was added in 2001-2002.

The seal had formerly been altered to a variety of colors, however the seal should not be altered without approval through the Office of External Affairs. The seal is to be used in an official capacity- i.e., for ceremonies and transcripts. Do not use the seal in presentations, posters, tri-folds or other media without specific approval. Please contact the for further information. Please refer to the USU Logo and Seal document for details.