Contact Information

External Affairs: University Media Services

Multimedia Design Chief

Cathy Hemelt
Phone: (301) 295-4371

Graphic Design Division Chief

Patrice Bolte
Phone: (301) 295-5273

University Media Services (UMS) functions as a teaching and research support resource for the faculty and staff of USU and the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, providing photography, medical/scientific illustrations, computer graphic art, and video and multimedia production services.

Our team can help design and produce the products you need to support your administrative, research and teaching needs -- whether it's announcing or documenting a university wide event, or simply printing a research poster, our mission is to bring your concepts to completion.

The Multimedia Division of UMS consists of two branches -- photography and video. Together they provide photographic and video services including laboratory and digital image capture and enhancement, videotape recording and multimedia development and duplication services.

The Graphics Division of UMS provides graphics and medical illustrations used in classroom instruction and publications and numerous other graphic products.

All branches provide professional consultation to faculty, staff and administration on visual information related projects.

To find out more about our group's services visit Customer Service Center which is conveniently located in G070 or visit our individual branch pages for more detailed information on available services.