External Affairs: University Media Services


The Graphics Branch provides graphic art services for charts, graphs, and text of medical/scientific information for journal publication, poster session displays, and visual aids for meetings and classroom presentations. Detailed medical illustrations in full color or line drawing are prepared to supplement teaching programs, accompany articles for publication, or illustrate research displayed in poster sessions. A variety of signs, forms, brochures, logos, books, covers, folders, banners, and flyers are produced in support of academic and administrative functions.

Decorative Image, graphic artist at work

Graphics Branch products include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Illustration
    • Anatomical figures
    • Surgical renderings
    • Schematic diagrams
  • Graphic Art
    • Charts, graphs, text
    • Flyers, brochures
    • Original design services
    • Large-format display posters
    • Books, catalogs
    • Web design
  • Scientific Poster Session Displays
    • Standards for Poster Session Design and Production
    • Poster template One (PPT 388K)
    • Poster template Two (PPT 480K)
    • Poster title Sample
  • Research Data
    • Autoradiographs for publication
    • Photo microscopy composites
    • Process flow diagrams
  • Teaching Materials
    • PowerPoint slide design service
    • Multimedia slide presentations
    • Collateral materials

All branches provide professional consultation to faculty, staff and administration on visual information related projects.