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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Army officers wear uniforms to class?

Yes. Army officers wear uniforms to class like all Soldiers reporting for duty. The brigade determines uniforms of the day.

What rank will I be while enrolled at USU?

All Army medical students, even those with prior service experience, are O-1s or second lieutenants throughout all four years of the medical program. At graduation, however, they're promoted to 0-3 or captain.
All Army graduate nursing students maintain their rank at the time of matriculation and are eligible for promotion while enrolled at USU.

I have prior Army service experience. Will I maintain my current pay and benefits while enrolled in the School of Medicine?

Yes. Even though all medical students enter the School of Medicine as an O-1, they continue receiving the pay and benefits of the highest rank achieved prior to matriculation.

I want to come to USU's School of Medicine and serve in the Army. If accepted, will I be guaranteed a spot in this service?

No. Students complete a preference statement on interview day ranking their interest in the branches of service. Every effort is made to accommodate this preference. However, when an individual is recommended for acceptance by the Admissions Committee and approved by the Dean for the School of Medicine, he or she will be offered an appointment in the Army if there are seats available. If there is no space available, a candidate may be offered admission to another branch of service or placed on the Army Wait List.

Will I receive any Army-unique training or education at USU?

All of the learning programs at USU have a strong focus on teaching the unique tenets of military medicine. Furthermore, Army officers also receive special service-specific training during academic intermissions.

Is there on campus housing available for USU students?

No, there are no dormitories available for student use. However, all uniformed students receive basic housing allowance. The rate is dependent upon rank and dependents.