Grant Management Workshop

TSNRP hosts an annual Grant Management Workshop for newly funded principal investigators and project directors. The three-day workshop provides education on regulations and requirements as well as practical information on managing your grant. Presentations include didactic lectures, case studies, and small group discussions in such areas as:

Grant Management Workshop Topics: Budget Management, Federal and DoD Grant Agreement Regulations, Institutional Review Board History, Federal and TSNRP Reporting Requirements, Investigator Roles and Responsibilities, Cost Principles, Research Integrity, Copyright Laws, Ethics in Research, and Budget Management

The workshop also provides an opportunity to meet TSNRP staff and representatives from grantee organizations and is an excellent way for new investigators to network with other military nurse researchers.

Feedback from Participants

Participants find the workshop extremely informative and well worth the trip. Below are a few comments from past attendees:

"I learned an amazing amount about the grant process. I feel eager to start and have a much firmer grasp of what needs to be done and in what order."

"This was a great course and much needed for new researchers."

"I finally understand the roles of PI, PD, etc. I will become more organized with my studies up front. It enthused me."