Research Interest Groups

TSNRP supports regional military nursing research interest groups (RIGs), which connect military nurse researchers with common interests to develop programs of research. RIGs are composed of military nurses with a desire to advance military nursing science through research and are organized by topic of interest.

A doctorally prepared nurse scientist leads each RIG, and a steering committee provides oversight and direction. Active duty, reserve, National Guard, and retired Nurse Corps officers as well as those employed by the Department of Defense are encouraged to participate.

The TSNRP Resource Center assists each RIG in developing infrastructure to support and sustain research within military medical centers, including:

  • Research consultants.
  • Educational workshops and symposia.
  • Technology to support strategic communication of RIG members.
  • Publication of research findings.
  • Development of partnerships with academic institutions.


If you are interested in developing a research interest group in your area, contact the Resource Center Program Manager, Linda Bell, at or 301-319-0598.

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Advance military nursing science and military health care to positively influence the health of those we serve.


Support military nurse scientists' creation of new knowledge and foster the translation and use of evidence to provide answers for critical military health care questions by bringing together a community of nurse scientists with similar interests and programs of research in military nursing science who share resources and conduct research across all services and foster the development of scientists.