Military Women's Health Research Interest Group

The Women's Health Research Interest Group (RIG) was created several years ago by a group of military women's health care providers with a passion to improve the care of women who serve in the U.S. military. Women in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines are serving in complex occupational specialties that sustain national policy and ensure the combat effectiveness of our forces. The complexity of military jobs and increased deployments to combat operations have led to increased occupational and health risks for women.

The RIG is continuing its review of the existing military women's health literature. The four core leaders have abstract-screened approximately 300 relevant articles for inclusion in the project and are sending those they have selected to include in this work to a core leader and a subject matter expert for comprehensive review. The team's goals are to use this information to determine gaps in the literature and to disseminate these articles (and critical analyses of them) online for interested researchers. Check out the impressive Web site our Department of Veterans Affairs counterparts have created at

The team thanks TSNRP and HJF for their financial support in purchasing a one-year subscription to the DistillerSR systematic review tool. Thanks to this membership, reviewers can easily and securely enter their critiques online and the program will produce an organized database that will be the backbone of the team's future search Web site.

The core leaders also have compiled and published a Military Women's Health Researcher Guide to help aid networking and mentoring within the military women's health research interest community. Find more information about this guide (and how to obtain an electronic copy) when you "Like" the RIG's Facebook page!

The RIG's current plans include continuing its collection and review of literature and looking at military women's health utilization data to determine which factors most often cause military women to seek care. The RIG members hope you will be a part of their group—please let them know how they can best serve you and the important work you do!

"Like" the RIG on Facebook for research updates, calls for papers, and networking in the group's researcher/clinician community. If you are not a Facebook user, you can still access all of the RIG's content without becoming a formal fan of the page.

Are you a researcher or clinician interested in being a part of the Women's Health RIG? Please download and complete this Military Women's Health Researcher Response Form and return it by e-mail to the team's project consultant at the address provided in the form.