Annual Progress Reports


TSNRP reviews Annual Progress Reports to monitor the progress of your study. Use the report template, ensuring that all components are addressed in the correct order.

A good report will depict the project's status compared to the proposed timeline, current enrollment, problems encountered with solutions and/or effort toward resolution, and an action plan for the remaining portion of the study. If any of these items are missing or unclear, TSNRP will contact you for further information.

If you have requested amendments to your initial proposal, state that you requested and received approval from TSNRP and on what date.

If you have any presentations or publications, identify them in APA format and provide the name, date, and location of your Public Affairs Official and his/her organization for each activity. If you have an article in press at the time of the report, provide a copy.


Please submit one original (with signature) and two copies of each report. You will be notified in writing of receipt of your report within 15 business days. You will receive the final assessment of your report within 60 days. If you do not receive a response, contact your grantee organization.

Submit your report on time. Late reporting violates the grant terms and conditions and may be viewed negatively at programmatic reviews for future funding.

Due Date

Your Annual Progress Report is due at the beginning of each project year (within 90 days of award start date anniversary).

Mentored Investigators

Your mentor must evaluate your progress toward stated educational goals, the study's progress, the plan for study completion, and other pertinent requirements. Your mentor must sign and date your Annual Progress Reports.