Contact Information


Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Department of Surgery
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: (301) 295-3155
Fax: (301) 295-3627

Eric A. Elster, MD, FACS
Professor and Chairman

Frederick C. Lough, MD, FACS
Deputy Chair

GME Information- LOR Scheduling Guidelines

Congratulations on your completion of your MS-3 year. As you plan for potential residency opportunities, please consider the following information regarding Departmental Letters of Recommendation from Department of Surgery.

1. To schedule an interview (beginning in July) with the surgery chair, contact Ms. Brigid Kelleher, 295-3157 or Ms. Suzanne McCoy, 295-5866.

All Orthopedics and other specialties: Dr. McKay, Interim Chair

All specialties: Dr. Rich

All specialties: Dr. Welling

2. Please provide your CV using the USU template (provided by OSA)

3. Please complete the LOR worksheet in advance of your interview, and bring with you to your scheduled interview. You may provide your CV and LOR worksheet in advance, once you schedule.