Club Updates: APRIL 2014



Wednesday, May 14
Room G250 in Building E


Allison Cybulski

Thanks to everyone who made the spring party a HUGE success, especially to Emily and Laurel. I can't believe that this is my last meeting as president. It has been a wonderful year and I've really learned a lot about the club and met many new friendly faces. I feel very hopeful for the excited ladies and gentlemen that are running for the new positions and can't wait to see how they're going to succeed with the club. Let's go out with a bang for the 2013-2014 SSC year and make this SSC Wounded Warrior Run a hit! Please try and bring one gift card to use as a prize for the run. Just ask local businesses for a donation. Many will donate if we just ask!

Vice President

Molly Grasso

Molly's had a crazy month; she's excused from updates this month!


Sarah Roberts

Turn in those receipts.


Alissa Hunsaker

It's only a few more weeks until the Wounded Warrior Race! Be sure to ask for donations from local businesses and sign up to help the day of.

We will be voting on next year's administration and chair positions so be sure to come to this meeting! If you can't make it please send in your absentee ballot before April 9th. Contact me for a list of candidates. It looks like we're going to have a great bunch next year!

I can't believe this year has gone so fast! The 4th years are graduating next month and I'm so sad to see them go. I wish you all the best during residency and beyond.

Adult Social Committee

Nicole Neely and Minji Park

Thank you to everyone for coming out to Tea Party last month! We tried variety of German, Korean, and Chinese teas with tea sandwiches and scones. We enjoyed our time sharing usu life and 2nd and 3rd year spouses gave valuable advice to 1st year spouses. There will be no events on April, but I might do one small fondant cupcake craft night end of April so check out usu spouse Facebook page for update! Thank you!

Happy Spring SSC! The weather is (and will hopefully continue) on the upward trend! Many people will be busy traveling and enjoying spring break over the next few weeks, so we don't have any small events planned at this time. However, if there is something that sounds fun or you're just looking to have a mini-hangout, as always, post to the FB page for an impromptu get together! In addition, we are all getting excited for the SSC Wounded Warrior Run! That will be our big "event" to attend for April!

Whether you plan on running, volunteering that day, or obtaining donations, anything we all can do to contribute is helpful! This race was so amazing last year, and was such a success thanks to all of the volunteers! Please plan on attending this event if it wasn't already marked on your calendar for April 26th! We hope to see you all there! For our March event, the Tea Party was a huge success! Thanks to Minji for organizing the party, and check out the photos on the SSC Group Facebook page.

Fundraising Committee

Christine Kempsell and Sylvia Salas Brown

Wounded Warrior Race is April 26th! You'll be getting emails all month, check for them.

Membership Committee

Christina MacGregor and Melanie Erikson

Looking forward to the SSC Wounded Warrior Run! Visibility for the club is visibility for membership!!! Keep asking!

Men's Group Committee

Jeff Mathews and Quinton Ward

No update.

Parent Tot Committee

Emily Maloy and Claire Mann

It has been so much fun being the Parent tot chair this year. I am excited to see who will take over at the next meeting. For my final month we will be going to Butlers Orchard again to see their Bunny Land. It is a lot of fun and I will send out the dates in a future email. It will most likely be towards the end of the month since Easter is so late in April this year. Now that the weather is warming up I hope we can meet together at parks and enjoy the spring.

Parties Committee

Emily Gregory

It was so great to see you and your spouses/families at the Spring Party. Big thank you to everyone who volunteered and brought food. Your help is what made the party a success!

Publications Comittee

Eva Stark and Rachel Weymouth

I hope everyone is still enjoying our blog posts! I know I personally have found the post about Space A travel from last year quite helpful as I plan for our (hopefully) upcoming spring break trip to Germany. Please continue to reach out if you have a topic which you would like to write about which you think our members would find interesting. Also, we're looking for a new Publications chair for next year as well, so please consider if Publications would be up your alley. The main responsibilities are maintaining the website and blog (we use google blogger and the USUHS webmaster posts all updates to our official website). It's a great job for someone who wants to contribute but needs flexibility related to when and where they help out. Please contact me if you have any additional questions!

Sunshine Committee

Katherine Davidson & Nana Yi

No update