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Campus Life: Student Groups

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) provides students with opportunities to experience the full-spectrum of this specialty through several different activities, including community service. Volunteers for Get Up, Get Out, Get Fit, one of FMIG's ongoing community programs, encourage healthy lifestyles by sharing the benefits of regular exercise with local elementary school students.

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Make the most of your experience at USU - join a university-sponsored club. There are many to choose from, each one appealing to the unique interests of our diverse student body - from music to service to academics.

Browse the comprehensive selection of Student Groups below and find a niche that's right for you.

Academic and Professional Groups

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA)

AOA is the only national honor medical society, and its singular purpose is to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. Election to AOA is an honor signifying a lasting commitment to scholarship, leadership, professionalism, and service. A lifelong honor, membership in the society confers recognition for a physician's dedication to the profession and art of healing. Students are eligible for election to the society in the Spring of their third year and Fall of their fourth year. Criteria for election include overall academic achievement, contributions to the university and the community, and a high standard of character and personal conduct. An induction fee payable to the national office is required, as are modest annual national dues which include a subscription to Pharos, the society's publication.

American Medical Association - Medical Student Section

The primary functions of the American Medical Association-Medical Student Section are to keep students informed on national issues concerning medical education, to provide an outlet for voicing ideas, and to aid in career planning. This year, the group will aim to focus on service, both to the students and to the school. The organization is an affiliate of the AMA and the Medical and Chirurgical Society of Maryland. Meetings are held every one or two months.

Association of American Medical Colleges - Organization of Student Representatives

The Association of American Medical Colleges - Organization of Student Representatives coordinates the medical educational system, from national board exams to the standards that accredit medical schools. The OSR is the student voice to the AAMC. As a student representative you would represent the unique perspective of USU students at national and regional conferences. Once becoming a representative, there are many opportunities to participate in higher levels of leadership to help the promotion of medical education.

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States

The mission of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States is to promote all areas of federal health care. USU students participate in the Baltimore-Washington Student Chapter, whose goals are to stimulate interest in and discussion of military medicine, to provide special opportunities for medical and military education, and to develop leadership. Meetings are monthly; annual national dues include a subscription to Military Medicine.

Service and Social Groups

Apollo Society

The Apollo Society is an organization dedicated to sharing and celebrating the artistic talents of the USUHS community. We host four Open-Mic events per year with the generous support of The Family Medicine Interest Group.

Asian Pacific American Student Association

The Asian Pacific American Student Association's goal is to address those issues important to Asian American medical students. They are interested in both directly promoting the health and well-being of the Asian community as well as helping health care providers working with these communities understand how to care for the Asian patient in a culturally sensitive manner. APAMSA provides a forum for APA medical students to meet, exchange information and experiences and develop personally and professionally. Membership is open to the entire student community.


The Cadusuhs is the yearbook for the university, produced totally by students. The editor-in-chief is a fourth-year student responsible for the overall design and production of the yearbook, as well as its senior section. The club has a number of other positions which require volunteers. These positions include class section editors and co-editors and students to collect digital photos and utilize online resources to create layouts. Members' work loads vary throughout the year, becoming a little heavier just before publication deadlines. There are no fees to participate in this group.

Catholic Medical Student Association

The Catholic Medical Student Association serves to bring the Roman Catholic community together at USU. The goal of the CMSA is to engage each Catholic student spiritually, intellectually, and religiously. CMSA hosts several speakers throughout the academic year on topics related to the Church, medicine, and the military. In addition, CMSA hosts small-group lunch meetings where discussions range from topics of faith to controversial issues in bioethics. Finally, CMSA wants to bring the Catholic community together outside the confines of USU through community service, outreach, and social events. Membership is open to the entire USU community.

Christian Medical Association

CMA is the USU chapter of the national organization: Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA). The purpose of the national CMDA organization is to motivate and equip Christian doctors and medical students to practice their faith in Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives. The USU chapter (CMA) is specifically dedicated to providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to grow spiritually, encourage one another through Christ-centered relationships, and reach out to our communities. CMA at USU offers weekly Bible study and fellowship, regular family gatherings and other opportunities for community service. There are no dues for CMA and medical students can join the national CMDA for no cost. For more information, please refer to www.cmda.org.


The Dermatones is an a cappella singing group, consisting of both men's and women's voices in barbershop and traditional choral arrangements. The group performs at numerous university functions throughout the year (including mess dinners, social occasions, and memorial services) and special functions (such as Christmas caroling at the Soldiers and Airmen's Home of Washington, D.C.). The Dermatones meet weekly for practice and enjoyment. No dues.

Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response

The Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response Interest group is sponsored by CDHAM and designed to support students in the SOM, GSN and other graduate programs interested in HA/DR medicine. We provide a variety of networking, educational, and service opportunities through lectures, workshops, and service projects.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

The Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is an approved program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It serves to help all Latter-day Saint students stay closely affiliated to the Church, find fellowship among those of common belief, succeed in their studies, and balance their secular education with spiritual development. The organization acts to motivate each student to become a powerful influence for good on the campus and in the university's affiliated hospitals. The LDSSA also attempts to provide students with service opportunities, as well as meaningful social activities which are consistent with the standards of the Church. All members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are students at USU are automatically members of LDSSA at USU. Membership is also open to the entire student community.

One Nation: The Indigenous Health Medical Student Interest Group

One Nation is the indigenous health interest group led by the Indian Health Service students at USUHS. We meet monthly with subject matter experts and IHS administrators to discuss issues relevant to Native American and Alaska Native health, such as traditional medicine, diabetes prevention, and preventing violence and substance abuse in the postcolonial context. In addition, we connect students to mentors in the field, resources for learning, indigenous events in the DC area, and on-site shadowing opportunities. Our goal is to improve USUHS medical students' ability to lead in the IHS and, as outlined in the IHS mission, "to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level." We welcome anyone with an interest in improving healthcare for indigenous peoples to attend. Events are held at USUHS or at IHS headquarters in Rockville. Participation is free of charge.

The Student Spouses' Club

Student Spouses' Club is an organization for the spouses and significant others of the students at USU. The primary goal of the club is to provide support, friendship and community for student families through a variety of social and service activities throughout the year. The club holds monthly membership meetings, as well as numerous barbecues, adult socials, parent-child activities, and raises funds for Wounded Warriors through a 5k and 10k run. SSC also publishes a blog, and hosts Information Sessions to help students and spouses learn more about life in the military and what to expect while at USU. All spouses and significant others of active duty students at USU are welcome to participate.

Tutoring Group

The Tutoring Group offers USUHS students the opportunity to tutor Wheaton High School students in Biology, Chemistry, and/or Math. Biology and Chemistry tutors help prepare students for the Advanced Placement exams, while Math tutors assist with Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus. The tutors will teach the same group of 3-5 students through the year. Tutoring takes place on Saturday mornings from 0900-1100; tutors will alternate every other week so each tutor will go to Wheaton HS twice a month. Wheaton HS is ~5 miles from USUHS; carpooling is suggested if the tutor does not have a vehicle.

Specialty Interest Groups

Aerospace Medical Student & Resident Organization

The Aerospace Medical Student and Resident Organization (AMSRO) is an affiliate of the Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA). The USU chapter's goal is to advance the science and art of aviation and space among medical and graduate students by educating about career opportunities, disseminating knowledge through lectures, and providing experience through research and clinical clerkships. The club meets on a monthly basis and features guest speakers on a number of topics including dive medicine, air evacuation, space medicine and the pilot's perspective on flight medicine.

Anesthesiology Interest Group

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) is a partnership between the SOM students and the Anesthesia Department, and, by extension, the military anesthesia community. Our goals are: 1) to serve as a resource for students interested in Anesthesiology, 2) to serve as a resource for students who are considering Anesthesiology among other options, with the objective of helping the student discover which specialty fits them best, 3) to be a resource for Anesthesia knowledge and skills relevant to all military physicians, including airway management, resuscitation, clinical pharmacology, critical care, venous access, medicine in austere environments, and perioperative medicine, and 4) to be one of many addresses at which any student can seek mentoring for almost any purpose. Along those lines, we can arrange speakers for meetings, arrange flexible shadowing and early clinical exposure and match faculty up with students who need mentoring for any reason, at any time during the curriculum.

Dermatology Interest Group

The Dermatology Interest Group strives to provide students interested in dermatology with the most up to date and relevant information regarding residencies and sub-specialties within the field. A shadowing program is available for those wanting to observe dermatologists at work, and a variety of dermatologists are invited to speak about their career choice, family life and day to day work routine. Meetings are held a couple of times a year and we hope to see you there.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) exists to foster interest in the medical specialty of emergency medicine. With regular meetings, EMIG will discuss relevant topics in emergent care focused on paralleling real medicine with that which is learned in USU classes by utilizing EM physicians, journal articles and students' experiences. We also sponsor a program whereby students may shadow an emergency medicine physician to see the specialty in action.

Family Medicine Interest Group

The goal of the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is to serve the interests of USU students with respect to community service, career development, and medical education. Activities and events increase exposure to the specialty of family medicine, a discipline which stresses the comprehensive and continuous care of patients and their families. The club is an affiliate of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians (USAFP). Through community activities and department workshops, members learn about the diverse field of family medicine, its residency programs, and the challenges facing future primary care physicians. Meetings and programs occur throughout the year, and more information on individual programs can be found on their website at http://www.facebook.com/USUHSFMIG.

Genomic/Personalized Medicine Interest Group

The group's overarching goal is to help bring genome-informed, personalized medicine to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and the Department of Defense by introducing medical students to genomics and its myriad of clinical implications early in their careers. The aforementioned is to be accomplished by identifying and discussing advances in genomic medicine; creating opportunities for rotations and workshops in genetics/personalized medicine; and attending lectures by guest speakers involved in personalized clinical medicine and research. Further, it is the group's intention to create avenues of access to research opportunities in informatics, clinical and preventive genomics.

Global Health Interest Group

The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG) is a student-run group designed to foster an interest in global health and development among the USU community. GHIG not only offers its members access to scientific and operational knowledge, but also offers students a channel to communicate and connect with a wide range of global health experts.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) exists to bring together senior faculty members and students for the purposes of learning about internal medicine careers, lifestyles, and gratification. The group meets once or twice a month for discussions led by military internists, interactive clinical scenarios, and clinical workshops. The group also arranges for interested students to make rounds with doctors in hospitals, and to identify a mentor to help guide your future in internal medicine. For those interested and motivated students, research opportunities are also available. Information on IMIG is available on the university's computer bulletin board. No dues; everyone welcome!

OB/GYN Interest Group

The OB/GYN Interest Group meets monthly to learn more about the specialty and to explore women's health care issues in general. Guest speakers are invited to discuss relevant OB/GYN topics, deployment opportunities as an OB/GYN, current women's health issues, OB/GYN as a primary care specialty, and residency opportunities. Pre-clerkship members have an opportunity to get hands-on clinical experiences by shadowing at the Labor and Delivery ward at WRNMMC, have the opportunity to participate in the new student-patient partnership program and can also become involved in many surgical shadowing opportunities. Anyone wishing to explore their interest in caring for the female patient is encouraged to attend. No dues.

Operational Medicine Interest Group

The mission of the Operational Medicine Interest Group is to assist medical students in gaining exposure to and information about opportunities to practice medicine within the Operational Medicine Communities of the various services. The OMIG facilitates training opportunities, provides guest speakers, and serves as an information source for the USUHS community. We meet monthly and charge no dues.

Orthopaedic Interest Group

The goal of the Orthopaedic Interest group is to provide students who are interested in the field of Orthopaedics exposure and access to this surgical sub-specialty early on in their medical school careers. Unique opportunities for members include small group lectures given by orthopaedic attending or resident physicians immediately followed by shadowing in the OR, sawbone labs to allow students to practice surgical technique using orthopaedic instrumentation, and individual opportunities for research. In addition to these hands on learning experiences, we strive to hold monthly meetings with physicians from different sub-specialties within Orthopaedics to provide an encompassing view of this great field.

Pathology Interest Group

The purpose of the Pathology Interest Group is to inform students about careers in Pathology while teaching them skills that will be helpful in medical school and beyond. The group is intended for all medical students, not just those who have a long-term interest in pathology. The group meets once a month, schedules permitting. There are no dues, just the hope that members will show up, eager to learn and gain new experiences.

Pediatric Interest Group

The purpose of the Pediatric Interest Group is to provide students with information about a possible career in military pediatrics. The group sponsors monthly lunch meetings, plans several community service projects, offers mentoring opportunities with staff pediatricians, coordinates research experiences, and encourages collaboration with other student interest groups.

Postdoctoral Association

The USU Postdoctoral Association is a member-driven organization that aims to provide a voice for postdoctoral fellows within the USU community. Our mission is to establish a forum to promote career development and networking, as well as scientific and social interactions among USU postdoctoral fellows. A postdoctoral fellow holds a doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degree) and is involved in mentored research training at USU. Individuals meeting these criteria are eligible for membership in the USU Postdoctoral Association.

Preventive Medicine/Occupational Medicine

The Preventive Medicine Interest Group meets periodically to learn more about the specialty and to explore issues in public health and the prevention of disease. Guest speakers are invited to discuss relevant and current preventive medicine and health promotion topics, including international health, operational medicine, outbreak investigations, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, health policy and advocacy, and more. Specialty training and career opportunities in preventive, occupational, and aerospace medicine are included. Pre-clerkship student members are encouraged to recognize the impact of preventing disease in both military and civilian populations. Anyone wishing to explore their interest in practicing preventive medicine and applying preventive medicine strategies to any other medical discipline is encouraged to attend. No dues.

Psychiatry/Neurology Interest Group

The purpose of the Psychiatry/Neurology Interest Group is to educate students about specialties including Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurosurgery, and related fields, and to explore major issues and current topics within these fields. The group also serves to provide a way for students to get in contact with professionals to further pursue their interests. Finally, the Psych/Neuro Interest Group will disseminate information about opportunities that become available to students interested in these specialties. Meetings are held once per module.

Radiology Interest Group

The purpose of the Radiology Interest Group (RIG) is to inform students about all the different career paths in Radiology, including diagnostic radiology, radiology oncology, and interventional radiology. We host general information meetings, as well as tours of various radiology departments at WRNMMC. The group is intended for all medical students. There are no dues - all that is required is interest and/or curiosity! There is no set schedule, but medical students will be given notification of RIG events via e-mail.

Sports Medicine Interest Group

The Sports Medicine Interest Group's goal is to provide USUHS medical students exposure to the principles and practice of sports medicine in both military and civilian medicine and to create opportunities for students to receive didactic and shadowing experiences in the application of sports medicine principles in relevant medical fields and specialty settings. Dues are not required though some specific activities may require a fee if students choose to participate in them. The group meets about once every two months and sponsors other activities as needed and based on student interests, some on an ongoing basis. The focus of the group is mostly to get the students outside the classroom and lecture halls as they learn and practice new skills.

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest group seeks to provide students interested in pursuing a career in surgery with the latest and most pertinent information about residencies and sub-specialties within the field. A shadowing program is available for those wanting to see surgeons at work, and a variety of surgeons are invited to speak about their specialties, career tracks, and family life. Opportunities are also available to learn some basic surgical skills and techniques as well as volunteer in the community. Meetings and skills labs are held every month.