Human Research Protections Program Office


IRBNet New Project Submission

Initial USUHS project submission tips:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Ensure your submission contains the following documentation
    1. 3204 IRB Protocol (See "Forms and Templates" in IRBNet)
    2. USUHS form 3208 (for faculty) or a 3202 (for students) which has been approved by the Office of Research (
    3. DMRN Research Project Cover Sheet (created using the IRBNet Document Wizard)
    4. Personnel Documentation for all members of the study team. Rather than uploading every personnel document to the current project, it is advised to link personnel documents from "Training & Credentials records" on the Designer page. Please see detailed instructions below "Managing Training and Credentials in IRBNet."
      1. CV
      2. CITI - equivalent human subjects protection training is acceptable for collaborators
      3. Researcher Responsibilities Form (See "Forms and Templates" in IRBNet) - To be completed by USU personnel, including contractors
      4. Conflict of Interest Form (See "Forms and Templates" in IRBNet) - To be completed by all human use researchers (including PIs, AIs, and any other research team member who is or will be responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of activities under the sponsored project
      5. Copy of Research Monitor’s medical license (if applicable)
    5. Verification of Scientific Review
    6. Consent Forms or Information Sheet (if applicable)
    7. Advertisements/Recruitment materials (if applicable)
    8. Questionnaires/Surveys (if applicable)
    9. Data Collection Sheets/ Case Report Forms (if applicable)
    10. Letter(s) of support (if applicable)
    11. Data Use Agreements (if applicable)
    12. Funded Grant (if applicable)
  3. Share the project with all members of the study team
  4. Ensure the initial package is signed by the Department Chair (or designee) and the PI. The project should be shared with the Department Chair ("read" access). All subsequent packages only need to be signed by the PI
  5. Submit the package to the appropriate review board

IRBNet Access (CAC only)

As of December 1, 2014 IRBNet will only be accessible to users via CAC + .mil network.

How do I access to the .mil server?

A .mil account is required to access the .mil server. All USUHS personnel have .mil accounts, but may need to ask the Help Desk to reactivate their account. Individuals at USUHS who already have a CAC and a computer linked to the LAN currently conduct most activities through the default .edu server. There are a couple options for server.

  1. There are dedicated computers at the library on the .mil network
  2. VPN is available for anyone on an .edu system, but may require a one-time setup. The VPN can be used on campus or from USU government furnished systems (e.g. laptop) from offsite to access the USU .edu or .mil network. There are VPN instructions/FAQs posted to The One Stop web site.

VPN Instructions

You may need to contact the USU Help Desk (301-295-9800) to reactivate your .mil account or to troubleshoot any VPN/.mil network connectivity issues.

Step-by-step instructions to link your CAC to your original IRBNet account can be found here:

New users - Users who have ever accessed IRBNet via DKO/AKO should NOT create a new account. Registering for a new account will not link your existing account information or projects.

Instructions to create a new IRBNet account using your CAC card can be found here:

IRBNet Training Resources