Human Research Protections Program Office

How to submit a research protocol for IRB review

IRB approval must be prospectively obtained prior to the implementation of any proposed research activity involving human subjects, regardless of funding source (including unfunded projects). Below are the recommended steps for you to take in order to submit a research protocol for IRB review.

  1. Obtain approval or the recommendation for IRB review from the Office of Research. This requires a fully signed USU Form 3208 from the Office of Research website (Assurance Forms) for investigators or USU form 3202 for student research projects (Intramural Program Forms).
    The IRB submission form 3204 protocol template is located in IRBNet. (New researchers must register in IRBNet to access the forms. Go to IRBNet. Form 3204 is to be submitted with Form 3208.
    Please note: If the human research is being conducted as part of an externally funded grant, such as an RO1, the signed 3208 for that grant application may be used as long as there are not substantive changes in the scope of work.
  2. Refer to the Human Research Decision Charts or consult with HRPPO staff for guidance and/or concurrence to determine if your research study involves human subjects.
  3. Take the Human Research Protections Training if your study involves human subjects. (see HRPP CITI Training)
  4. Register and submit all your study-related documents in IRBNet for both exempt and non-exempt studies. The IRB submission forms/templates are in IRBNet. For new researchers, go to IRBNet
  5. Once all study-related documents are uploaded in IRBNet, the HRPPO administrative staff reviews the protocol to ensure all the key forms and required elements are present before it can be placed on the next available IRB meeting agenda for review.