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Course Descriptions by Department- Pathology

PAR4100, Pathology Clerkship

Course #: PAR4100, Pathology Clerkship
Course Type: C
Department: PAR
Duration: Department Approval Required Prior to Registration
Hours: 5
(Letter/Pass/Fail): P

Clerkship Objective: The objective of the pathology clerkship is to provide the students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of pathology and experience the practice of pathology in a hospital setting. The specialty of pathology is divided into anatomic and clinical pathology. Anatomic pathology consists of examination of surgical specimens which includes frozen sections on surgical specimens as well as biopsy evaluation from all body areas, cytology specimens including pap smears and fine needle aspirations, and autopsy pathology including medical and forensic autopsies. Subspecialties, such as, cytopathology, neuropathology and dermatopathology are included in anatomic pathology. Clinical pathology traditionally includes the areas of chemistry, microbiology, hematology and coagulation, and blood banking. Sub specialties such as Hematopathology and blood banking are included in clinical pathology. Within the discipline are also specialized areas of pathology such as forensic medicine. Students are expected to attend departmental conferences as well as participate in interdisciplinary conferences such as tumor boards during their rotation.

Students interested in exploring pathology as a career would benefit from a rotation in pathology at one of the primary sites listed below that maintain active pathology residency. The rotation should be designed to gain experiences in both anatomic and clinical pathology.

Students not interested in a career in pathology, but interested in an overview of laboratory medicine would benefit from a rotation at one of the teachings hospitals with their time divided between anatomic and clinical pathology.

Students may wish to also consider a pathology clerkship specialized to an area of interest. The pathology clerkship director is available to assist students tailor a specific rotation based on their career interest.

For example, a student interested in becoming a/ an ... :

  • ..orthopedic surgeon would benefit from an JPC clerkship reviewing bone pathology,
  • ..general surgeon would benefit from a clerkship focused on anatomic pathology and blood banking,
  • ..Operational medicine would benefit from a rotation with the OFAFME
  • ..nephrologist would benefit from an JPC clerkship reviewing kidney biopsies,
  • ..dermatologist would benefit from a clerkship including daily reviewing of skin biopsies,
  • ..anesthesiologist would benefit from a blood banking clerkship at a teaching hospital.

Description: Students and Clerkship director design a clerkship from the following pathology subspecialties:

1. Anatomic Pathology

(A) Surgical Pathology, frozen section diagnosis & immunochemistry
(B) Cytopathology with fine needle aspiration
(C) Autopsy Pathology (Medical and Forensic)
(D) Forensic Pathology

2. Clinical Lab Medicine

(A) Clinical Chemistry
(B) Microbiology
(C) Hematopathology/coagulation
(D) Blood bank

3. Other subspecialties, for example: pediatric pathology can be tailored to a student's interest. Please contact the Pathology Dept Clerkship Coordinator for specifics.

Comments: Department approval is required prior to registering for any Pathology clerkship, rotation will not be signed as finalized without it. In addition to the primary pathology clerkship sites listed below, rotations can be arranged at most military hospitals and many civilian institutions. For further info, contact the department at 295-3450.

Primary Pathology Clerkship/Residency Sites: MAMC, SDMC, WRNMMC

Other recent sites used: BAMC, BRMC, DGMC, EAMC, MGMC, PMMC, TAMC, USUB, WBMC