Preventive Medicine and Biometrics

Board Certification

ABPM Certification

Passing the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) Certification Examination in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine Residency is an important credential in both civilian and military medical communities. Furthermore, board certification is necessary to receive DoD medical special pays. The best strategy to prepare for this exam is for residents to consistently apply themselves throughout their residency, making the most of every learning opportunity. Residents are strongly encouraged to organize study groups throughout the practicum year and to take the boards as soon as possible after the residency. The residency will support residents to attend the ACPM board review course whenever possible and will maintain study materials from the review course in the resident's room and electronically on Blackboard. Services usually reimburse candidates for examination fees after successful completion of the Board certification exam. Please find more information about registering for the Boards at the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Registration usually opens in March of the PGY3 year and closes on or ~1 June of the PGY3 year.