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Division of Global Health- Graduate Education Program

Master in Public Health (MPH) - Global Health Concentration

The Global Health Concentration prepares MPH students with a working knowledge of major global/international health issues, ethical and cultural considerations and an understanding of how these all influence healthcare in a the global context. The students will be able to understand the role that the US military has in capacity building and stability operations, as well as how other organizations and agencies work to address global health issues.
Successful completion of this track will allow for the application of public health principles in the assessment of global/international health needs and in planning, conducting, and evaluating health-related activities and projects.

Courses required for this specialty track (24 credits)
PMO528-Global Health I (3)
PMO539-Global Health II (3)
PMO534-Medical Anthropology (2)
PMO548-Joint Medical Operations and Humanitarian Assistance (3)
PMO613-Public Health Issues of Disasters in Developing Countries (3)
PMO512-Epidemiologic Methods (4)
PMO991-Ethics in Public Health (3)
PMO531-Program Planning and Development (3)

Suggested Electives
PMO599-Introduction to Health Risk Communication (2)
PMO560-Principles and Practice of Tropical Medicine (6)
PMO569-Malaria Epidemiology and Control (3)
PMO990-Travel Medicine (2)
PMO1003-Survey Design (3)

Competencies for Master in Public Health (MPH) - Global Health Concentration

  • A working knowledge of the wide range of challenges in Global Health, and an appreciation for how these challenges are influenced by political, economic, social, cultural, and other determinants.
  • A working knowledge of the institutions and organizations that make up the Global Health Community, and an appreciation of the unique perspectives and missions of varied stakeholders.
  • An ability to analyze a local, regional, or national health system and conduct a needs assessment in a global health context.
  • An understanding of the fundamental principles and strategies of Global Health; and an ability to apply these strategies program planning and development.
  • An ability to critically analyze health proposals and programs in a global context, including development of appropriate measures of effectiveness.
  • An understanding of the role that the Department of Defense and other military actors play in the Global Health Domain.