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General Counsel: Mission and Vision

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Road, A1030
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799
Phone: (301) 295-3028


  • Jason F. Kaar General Counsel
  • Mark Peterson, Deputy General Counsel
  • Bradley Beall, Associate General Counsel
  • Anthony Box, Associate General Counsel
  • Joshua Girton, Associate General Counsel
  • Major Jeanette Skow, USAF, JA, Brigade Judge Advocate
  • COL Lamar Turner, Judge Advocate
  • MAJ Elizabeth Witwer, Judge Advocate
  • Amanda Tyson, Paralegal Specialist
  • Kristen M. Brown, FDM Coordinator
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  • DoD Annual Ethics Training 2014
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Joint Health Care Law Symposium - 2014

September 23-25, with live presentations from the Gateway Club at Lackland AFB, Texas. Training sessions will be broadcast via Defense Connect Online (DCO). Please use the following links to access the broad cast:

Attendees that do not have a DCO account, can logon as a guest


The USUHS Office of General Counsel is that part of the Defense Legal Services Agency which serves the USUHS community. We provide legal advice, opinions, and direction in a proactive fashion to support the mission of USUHS administratively.

We serve the Uniformed Services and the Nation as an academic center of Medical Jurisprudence with an ecumenical perspective for teaching, scholarly activities, service and consultation in bioethics, medical/legal standards, and emerging issues of health care delivery.


  • We are the most resourceful and responsive unit of the Defense Legal Services Agency dedicated to excellence and innovation in education, research, and service with our university to our Nation.
  • Our Institute of Medical Jurisprudence is recognized as the preeminent center for study of medical-legal issues in health care delivery.
  • We are a resource for the medical profession, the legal profession, Congress and the Nation for direction in emerging bioethical issues in research and treatment.
  • We support the uniformed services medical community in management of health resources through our Masters and Ph.D. programs in Medical Jurisprudence.
  • We are able to sustain our scholarly activities through grants and endowments awarded in recognition of our unique contribution to the Nation.
  • We recognize our part in university Development and are instrumental in the award of the Deming or Baldridge award to the University.
  • We subscribe to the USUHS Guiding Principles in all of our activities.

The contents of this website are for general information only. Individuals seeking legal information & assistance should consult a licensed attorney. Neither the University nor the United States Government warrants the accuracy & reliability of the information contained herein. No liability is assumed.