As the USU continues to deploy additional Web-based systems, access to many of these new applications will also be controlled through USU-SSO in order to minimize the number of times and places in which you have to log in. Access to all systems is restricted to users with accounts.

Web-based applications at USU

Application Title and URL

Application Summary

Academic & Research Computing Support
(ARCS) One-Stop Site
(USU only)

Online support resources such as request and appointment links, FAQs, support libraries, training, news and status updates

Biomedical (BIC) Instrumentation Center

Online scheduling for Microscopic Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, and Histopathology

Defense Agency Initiative (DAI) Login

DoD Agencies' online financial management system (CAC).
USU DAI Information (USU Only)

Defense Connect online

Adobe Connect Professional for web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars

Defense Travel System (DTS) Login

Government Travel System
USU DTS Information (USU Only)

DMDC milConnect

milConnect is a web application provided by the DMDC that offers sponsors, spouses, and their children (18 years and older) access to their personal information, health care eligibility, personnel records, and other information from a centralized location

DoD Enterprise White Pages

DoD White Pages; use to access public CAC certificates for any DoD user (CAC-only)

DSN Directory

DSN Telephone Directory to aid in finding individual DSN site numbers (CAC and .mil only)

Emergency Notification System (ENS)-
Update my record

Records update ("Update My Record") which supports notification of billeted and/or non-billeted (adjunct) personnel in emergencies; also used for routine student accountability

Faculty Mentoring

Sign up to be a USU Faculty Mentor or Search for a USU Faculty mentor

Google Apps for Gov

USU Google Applications


Personal and public calendar management


Online 'Office Applications' (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Online Forms, Drawings) & cloud drive; user upgradable


Distribution Lists




Website development tool for Intranet use


Alternative login page for secondary accounts and Postini

GPC Access

Government Purchase Card (GPC) holder account management portal

LRC Electronic Resources (ER)

Library Electronic Resources

Provides basic file sharing, collaborative workspaces, and a shared secure virtual desktop capability with Microsoft Office that can be used to hold shared meetings with other MAX users. See for additional info.

MDL Room Scheduler

Schedule a Room


DoD FOUO Collaboration Services which includes milBook, milBlog, milWiki, milTube, and eureka (ideation) (CAC-only)

Personnel Directory

Search for Personnel information (USU only)

Phone Directory- 2013

USU Phone Book (USU only)

Research Animal Tracking System (RATS)

RATS is an online system that displays animal order history and provides an up-to-date status on all orders. You can log in with your single-sign on (Sakai) information. To place an order in RATS, you must set up a LAM expense account through Finance. If you need assistance creating this cost code, please contact either Ms. Verna Hill or Stephanie Lewis

Sakai Learning Management System

USU's distributive learning management system used by graduate, medical and nursing school courses to provide materials to students.

SSO Password Management Application

Used to change your SSO password or reset your USU SSO password if you forget it

Single Sign-On (SSO) Password Recovery

Used to set-up a non-USU email recovery address where your SSO password can be sent in the event of a reset

Space Database
Space Survey Instructions

USU Annual Space Survey data and reports (USU only)

Training Tracking

USU system for tracking the completion of required training

USU Discounted Software Store
(For Personal Use)

USU 'employee purchase program' which allows USU faculty, students, and staff to purchase Microsoft and Adobe software for personal or home use at significantly reduced prices.

USU Service Desk

Online Customer Support portal