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Student Evaluations

1. Overview:

Each year the student evaluation committee meets to evaluate the progress of each student in the department. The purpose of this evaluation process is to provide you with timely feedback regarding strengths that have been observed as well as areas where improvements can be made. This information is designed to provide useful input on your progress and to help in your professional development.

The committee is comprised of 4 individuals. The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) chairs the committee. The committee meets on a number of occasions. All students of a given major advisor (MA) are generally reviewed within the same meeting. The MA is generally present in the meeting when his or her students are reviewed. Input from clinical supervisors may also be solicited (clinical students only). It is intended that the committee meetings will take place shortly after the end of the summer quarter.

3. Procedures:

Before Committee Review:

  • DGS or MAs email student evaluation forms to the students
  • Student completes evaluation form, and acquires copies (.pdfs) of clinical evaluations (if applicable) and transcript (.pdf)
  • Student meets with MA to discuss content of completed evaluation form. If there is agreement on the content, the student and MA both sign the evaluation form. If there is disagreement, MA and student meet with DGS
  • Signed student evaluation form (as .pdf), transcript (.pdf), clinical evaluation (as .pdf, if applicable), and other supporting documentation (if applicable) are emailed to the DGS prior to the review meeting. (All materials are forwarded to the DGS electronically)

Committee Review Procedures:

For each student:

  • MA briefly reviews material on evaluation form
  • MA briefly reviews clinical evaluations (if applicable)
  • MA notes strengths, and areas for improvement
  • Other committee members provide input one by one (if applicable and if necessary)
  • The committee has the capacity to require additions or deletions to the student's plan (e.g., reduce number of clinical training hours planned)
  • Other supporting documentation is considered (if applicable)

After Committee Review:

  • Using content from the committee review, MA (or DGS) drafts official letter, and emails to DGS
  • Draft is reviewed by DGS
  • When agreement on final wording is reached, the final official letter is e-signed by DGS
  • MA emails final official letter to student, copying DGS
  • DGS assembles official letters and forwards to Departmental Administrator