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Medical and Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology Program

I. General Philosophy and Model of Training

The Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program at USUHS follows a scientist-practitioner ("Boulder Model") of training. The program strongly values the development of evidence based knowledge and skills related to Clinical Psychology.

The Clinical Psychology program has two tracks: 1) Clinical Psychology - Military Track and 2) Clinical Psychology - Medical Track. While both tracks have the same four primary goals, the relative emphasis on clinical practice and development of professionals who use their scientific training in the context of clinical work, clinical problems solving, program development and evaluation is the hallmark of the Clinical Psychology - Military Track. In the Clinical Psychology - Medical Track, while trained in evidence based clinical psychology, the primary emphasis is for students to develop the skills to conduct clinically meaningful research.

The goals in both tracks are as follows:

  1. Ability to discuss theory and research in learning, cognitive, social, developmental in practice and research contexts,
  2. Develop professional knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to specific areas of practice,
  3. Integrate theory, research, and practice through didactic and field training components and the dissertation process and
  4. Develop sensitivity to and understanding of ways in which cultural and individual diversity affects practice and research

The unique goals for each track are as follows:

Clinical Psychology - Military Track

  1. Ability to practice evidence based health care in the area of clinical and health psychology and conduct program development and evaluation within a military context.
  2. Ability to provide organizational level perspectives and approaches to help solve problems within the Department of Defense.

Clinical Psychology - Medical Track

  1. Ability to conduct independent and collaborative research on clinical relevant problems.

A listing of Program Objectives, Competencies, and Goals are provided in the MPS Handbook 2013-2014.