Military and Emergency Medicine

Military and Emergency Medicine Curriculum

The Military & Emergency Medicine curriculum is threaded throughout the entire School of Medicine curriculum and is designed to prepare the USU graduate to serve in their parent service as a Military Medical Officer. The Military Medical Officer is expected to be proficient in both clinical and operational military medicine. The department aims to develop those skills, knowledge, and attitudes in both arenas, many of which are not strictly medical in nature, but rather focus on the systems, population medicine and leadership in military medicine. Students will prepare for deployment as medical officers on the mobile and widely dispersed battlefield of the future in support of the both combat and non-combat military operations by participating in a variety of teaching methodologies including lectures, labs, small group activities, problem solving and critical thinking both in the field and in the traditional classroom.

The MEM curriculum begins with the Fundamentals of Military Medical Practice (MEM 101) in the pre-clerkship period, followed by an opportunity for a limited number of students to participate in the Emergency Medicine Selective during the Clerkship period, and finishes with the Advanced Military Medical Practice (MEM 201) and the Emergency Medicine Clerkship during the post-clerkship period. In addition, post-clerkship opportunities include operational electives and a capstone experience/option.