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Military and Emergency Medicine

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
MEM Office: C1039
Phone (301) 295-3720
Toll Free: (888) 826-3126
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The Department of Military and Emergency Medicine is organized into 5 unique divisions: Military Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Administration and Education Support, Faculty Development and Research, and Operations.

Military Medicine Division

The Military Medicine division consists of Military Medicine physicians with board certification in Aerospace, Undersea, General Preventive or Occupational Medicine and with significant operational military medicine experience. The Division has the responsibility for the planning, coordination, synchronization and delivery of all Military Medicine curriculum to include pre-clerkship, clerkship and post-clerkship periods. Specific educational goals of the MM division emphasize the following:

  1. Military Leadership, History, Science and Ethics
  2. Health Service Support with a focus on medical planning and execution in support of contingency operations in austere environments
  3. Human Performance Optimization and Sustainment
  4. Military Unique, Operational Medical Care including Patient Movement in Combat Environments, Mass Casualty and CBRNE Operations

Emergency Medicine Division

The Emergency Medicine division is staffed by Emergency Medicine physicians from the USA, USN, and USAF. The Division has the responsibility for the planning, coordination, synchronization and delivery of all Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital care curriculum to include pre-clerkship, post-clerkship, and field course periods. Specific educational goals of the EM division emphasize the following:

  1. Develop, deliver, synthesize, evaluate and continuously improve core knowledge in the assessment and management of undifferentiated emergency patients.
  2. Provide career mentorship, inspiration and counseling for students pursuing emergency medicine careers.
  3. Improve emergency medical clinical and educational practice through curricular development, research, and capstone projects.
  4. Develop, deliver, synthesize, evaluate and continuously improve life-saving combat casualty skills that will be used on the battlefield and operational environments.

Administration and Education Support Division

The Administration and Education Support Division is responsible for administrative and clerical support for the Chair and staff, maintaining USU mandated file plans, financial support and processing, travel support, and personnel actions for all faculty and staff within MEM. The division is responsible for all academic support, implementation, and design. The division is tasked to collaborate with faculty to conceive, design curriculum, build objectives, establish and build or produce materials needed for courses, populate and maintain MEM related curricular material on student interface (Sakai), and implement delivery of coursework to include completion such as grading or filling. Responsibilities also include managing finance, ordering, book supplies, etc. that meets the definition of academic or education support.

Faculty Development and Research Division

The Faculty Development and Research division is responsible for assuring all faculty and staff in the department understand the unique requirements of academic rank and have appropriate plans and approaches for academic development and advancement. The department Committee on Advancement, Promotions, and Tenure (CAPT) resides in the division. The division assists administratively with academic and military advancement as indicated. With regard to research, this division serves to oversee, coordinate, facilitate and advocate for all research and other scholarly activities in the department. The three research programs in the department (TIRP, CDHAM, and CHAMP) function with a significant degree of autonomy and in their cases this division serves more in a facilitative and coordination role. The division plays a much more direct role with the more teaching oriented faculty, particularly the active duty members, to develop and advance research initiatives.

Operations Division

The Operations division is directly responsible for the planning, coordinating and synchronization of all MEM field courses and external operations. In addition, the Operations division has the responsibility for departmental strategic planning, and assisting the USU Brigade as required.