About the School of Medicine: Fact Sheet

Class of 2016

The F. Edward H├ębert School of Medicine matriculated its thirty-seventh class with 2,845 applicants having competed for 171 positions. The applicant-to-position ratio was 17:1.

Three hundred and seven conditional offers were tendered for the 2012 First-Year Class, providing an acceptance rate of 56 percent.

The incoming class is comprised of 60 women (35%) and 111 men (65%). Thirty-four percent of the applicant pool was female. The average age of the entrants at the time of application was 24.5 years.

Forty-two members of the entering class are from minority groups, including 10 from the groups classified as underrepresented in U.S. medicine. The class includes 7 Blacks, 30 Asian/Pacific Islanders, 3 Mexican Americans, and 2 Other Hispanics.

Thirty-two of the incoming students are reapplicants to the School of Medicine.

Geographically, the student representation is as follows: the North is the legal residence of 28 percent of the class; 28 percent are from southern states; 11 percent are from central states; and 33 percent are from the West.

Academically, the acceptees presented the following scores: at the time of application, their college cumulative grade point average (GPA) and science GPA was a 3.5. The mean score of the acceptees on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) was 31.1, compared to applicants' average score of 27.9. The MCAT consists of four sections: verbal reasoning, physical sciences, biological sciences, and a writing sample.

All of the students have received baccalaureate degrees, twenty-four hold master's degrees and two have been awarded doctorates. Biology was the most-represented undergraduate major of matriculants (38 percent), followed by biochemistry and chemistry at 7 percent. Other majors for the members of the Class of 2016 were: business, mathematics, neuroscience, anthropology, religion, engineering, and physics.

One-hundred seventeen students (68%) have had no previous military experience. The remaining fifty-four students (32%) have been associated with the military in the following capacities: 15 were active duty officers; 7 had prior active duty as officers; 5 were active duty enlisted; 4 had prior active duty as enlisted personnel; 12 were 2012 service academy graduates; 9 were direct graduates of ROTC programs and 2 Reservists.