Contact Information

Department of Medicine: Organization

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Department of Medicine
4301 Jones Bridge Road, C1094
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799
Phone: (301) 295-2010
Fax: (301) 295-5792

Executive Committee

Chair: Louis N. Pangaro, MD, MACP

  • Deputy Chair: Solomon Levy, MPH
  • Vice Chair, Educational Programs: Paul Hemmer MD, Col (ret) USAF, MC, Professor of Medicine
  • Vice Chair, Research: David W. Scott, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine
  • Associate Chair: Dept. of Medicine, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda: Stuart Roop, COL, MC USA, Associate Professor of Medicine

Specialty Division Directors

Vice Chair, Research Division: David Scott, PhD

  • Allergy: Renata Engler, COL (ret), MC, USA; Michael Nelson, COL, MC, USA
  • Cardiology: Mark Haigney, MD
  • Clinical Pharmacology / Medical Toxicology: Louis Cantilena, MD, PhD; LTC Matthew Griffith, MC, USA
  • Fellowship Program in Clinical Pharmacology: Louis Cantilena, MD, PhD; COL Kevin Leary, MC, USA
  • Endocrinology: Henry Burch, COL, MC, USA
  • Gastroenterology: CDR Patrick Young, USN, MC
  • General Internal Medicine: Patrick O'Malley, COL, MC, USA; Kent DeZee, LTC, MC, USA
  • Fellowship Program, General Internal Medicine: Kent DeZee, LTC, MC, USA; Patrick O'Malley, COL, MC, USA
  • Hematology/Oncology: Brian Monahan, RADM, MC, USN
  • Immunology and Rheumatology: William Gilliland, COL, MC, USA
  • Infectious Diseases: Naomi Aronson, MD
  • Military Internal Medicine: Michael Roy, COL (ret) MC, USA
  • Nephrology: James D. Oliver, COL, MC, USA
  • Pulmonary: Lisa Moores, COL, MC, USA

Educational Programs

Vice Chair: Paul Hemmer Col (ret), USAF, MC

  • Introduction to Clinical Reasoning (ICR): Michael Roy, COL (ret) USA; Steven Durning, MD, PhD
  • Integrated Clinical Skills: Jeffrey LaRochelle, Maj, USAF, MC
  • Clerkship Director: William Kelly, LTC, MC, USA; Rechell Rodriguez, LtCol. USAF, MC
  • WRNMMC, Assistant Clerkship Director, Lynn Byars, LCDR, MC, USN
  • VA-Washington, DC, Assistant Clerkship Director: Todd Gleeson, LCDR, MC, USN
  • Madigan Site Director: Michael Stein, MD
  • San Antonio Mil Med Center (SAMMC) Clerkship: Temple Ratcliffe, Maj, USAF, MC; Rechell Rodriguez, Lt Col, USAF, MC
  • Naval Medical Hospital San Diego Clerkship: Anthony Keller, CDR, MC, USN
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base: Alyssa McManamon, Lt Col USAF, MC
  • Portsmouth Naval Medical Center: Sam Gao, LCDR, MC, USN
  • Fourth Year Programs: Brian Hemann, MAJ, MC, USA

Program Support Staff


  • Debra Weed, Office of the Chair, (301) 295-2010
  • Julie Holmes, Office of the Chair, Faculty Appointments, (301) 295-9903
  • Olukemi Omotoyinbo (Kemi), Clerkship Programs Administration, Office, (301) 319-2847 or (301) 312-7423
  • Kathryn Bomysoad, 3rd Year Clerkship, (301) 319-2847


  • Annette Askins-Roberts, Infectious Diseases Division, (301) 295-5895
  • Michele Coley, Digestive Diseases Division, (301) 295-3606
  • Annette Cunningham, Clinical Pharmacology Division, (301) 295-3239
  • Daryl Edwards, Nephrology & ICR Course, Mil. Internal Medicine Divisions, (301) 295-3602
  • Melisa Thompson, Cardiology Division, (301) 295-3617
  • Rhonda Stout, Research Division, (301) 295-9602

Building 53

  • Annette Cunningham, Clinical Pharmacology Division, (301) 295-3239
  • SSG James Brice, NCOIC, Education Programs, (301) 295-9610
  • Cheryl Markham, Integrated Clinical Skills, (301) 295-9922
  • Jacqueline Drake, 4th Year, Education Programs, (301) 295-9727
  • Elisa Bickett, Education Programs, (301) 295-9585

Veteran's Administration

  • Sandra Hofmann, Clerkship Administration, Cell: (301) 275-6920

Naval Medical Center San Diego

  • Erin Quiko, Clerkship Administration, Office: 619-532-9369; Cell: (619) 871-5932

Madigan Army Medical Center

  • Kathy Rogers, Clerkship Administration, Office: 253-968-5738; Cell: (301) 318-5392