Graduate School of Nursing

Joining Forces Event

USU's Graduate School of Nursing is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013. It was established in 1993 with the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Since then, it has grown in size and scope. Now, the GSN has four Master of Science in Nursing programs, three Doctor of Nursing Practice programs and a Doctor of Philosophy program.

“We’ve always been an incredible resource for military health care. Our focus has centered around warriors’ and their families’ health and well-being for decades now, and we’ve been hugely successful in these efforts,” said Ada Sue Hinshaw, PhD, dean of the GSN. “As a tribute to our vast array of accomplishments, we’ll celebrate both our heritage and triumphs with 20th anniversary commemorations that will include special guest speakers, research highlights and alumni achievements.”

New GSN Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

New GSN Doctor of Nursing Practice Program The GSN will transition the advanced nursing practice Master of Science Degree Program to a 36 month, full-time, BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program over the next three years beginning in 2012.

Full conversion of the advanced nursing practice programs for nurse practitioner and nurse anesthetist students is anticipated to be completed with all students matriculating in 2015. The conversion date for the Perioperative Clinical Nurse Specialist curriculum has yet to be determined. Additionally, a post Master of Science Degree DNP completion program is currently in development.

Learn more about DNP program requirements by visiting GSN Admissions