Operational Readiness for Advanced Psychiatric Practice in Contingency Environments

Course Number: 72145
5 Credits

Military Contingency Medicine (MCM) is the capstone course in the Uniformed Services University Military Unique Curriculum. This unique curriculum is specifically designed to prepare medical and advanced practice nursing students to provide the highest quality health care for servicemen and women in austere environments. MCM augments the studentís core clinical knowledge with unique medical training that enables them to excel as a General Medical Officer (GMO) in an operational setting. This training includes a three week didactic, clinical, and lab sessions on specific medical topics that would be seen in an operational environment. At the conclusion of MCM, the students will be enrolled in Advanced Trauma Life Saving Course which they will be taught a simplified and standardized approach to trauma patients developed by American College of Surgeons.
The course will culminates with a one day field exercise "Operation BUSHMASTER." The course is based on the adult learner model, which reinforces didactic discussion with small group practical exercises and the culminating field exercise in order to enhance retention.