Graduate School of Nursing

Joining Forces Event

USU's Graduate School of Nursing is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013. It was established in 1993 with the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Since then, it has grown in size and scope. Now, the GSN has four Master of Science in Nursing programs, three Doctor of Nursing Practice programs and a Doctor of Philosophy program.

“We’ve always been an incredible resource for military health care. Our focus has centered around warriors’ and their families’ health and well-being for decades now, and we’ve been hugely successful in these efforts,” said Ada Sue Hinshaw, PhD, dean of the GSN. “As a tribute to our vast array of accomplishments, we’ll celebrate both our heritage and triumphs with 20th anniversary commemorations that will include special guest speakers, research highlights and alumni achievements.”

Ph.D. in Nursing Science

The curriculum for the PhD in Nursing Science program is designed to provide rigorous research training to create scientists who will conduct research relevant to both military and federal health care. The curriculum incorporates specialized education and training that allows GSN alumni to contribute cutting edge research in the areas faculty expertise of Biobehavioral Nursing, Population Health, Systems Informatics and Patient Safety.

Nursing Knowledge 12 Credit Hours

Philosophy of Science
Theoretical Frameworks
Ethical, Legal, and Health Policy
Professional Issues in Scholarship

Research Methods 10 Credit Hours (Min)

Research Methods 1&2
Qualitative Research Methods
Advanced Research Design

Cognate Courses 12+ Credit Hours; Electives 9+

Specific to student research concentration or individual enhancement electives in support of administration, education, or clinical practice.

Statistics: 6 Credit Hours (minimum required)

Non Parametric and Parametric Models
Regression Based Models

Dissertation 21+ or more Credit Hours

Proposal Development & Grant Writing (3)
Dissertation Research Seminar I, II, III, IV, & V (9 min)
Dissertation Research (9)

Total Credit Hours:

91 Minimum