Perioperative CNS Internship

Course Number: PCS 72127
7 Credits

This is a clinical capstone course where students demonstrate achievement of knowledge necessary to clinically manage surgical patients across the perioperative continuum. During this full scope immersion experience, students "put it all together", demonstrating knowledge of advanced health assessment, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and anatomy as they manage the patient in the preop, intraop and postop phases of the surgical experience across the age span. This includes patient and family teaching, working with technology interface systems (Essentris, CHCS, S3) to manage patient information, and working within systems to facilitate patient handoffs, improve patient safety and enhance continuity of care. Students will demonstrate competencies related to all the domains of the CNS across all three areas of influence (direct care, healthcare team, and the organization). As students manage the care of surgical patients, the clinical logs and subsequent case reports will be used to anchor their knowledge and demonstrate the ability to formally encompass the integration of the team in the delivery of evidence base practice and demonstrate the ability to influence/interact with the system to enhance patient care outcomes.