Perioperative CNS Assessment & Intervention

Course Number: PCS 64041
1 Credit

This course is designed to develop, expand, and evaluate competence related to the student's ability to conduct a comprehensive surgically focused history and physical examination. This course challenges the student's critical thinking and problem solving abilities, as they integrate knowledge from health assessment, pathophysiology, and pharmacology to assess acute and chronic health conditions of the surgical patient across the age span. Student activities culminate in their ability to conduct and present a comprehensive surgically focused history and physical examination using evidence-based techniques and tools to collect assessment data. The students' critical thinking and data synthesis ability will be further challenged as they analyze assessment data in support of differential diagnosis and management plans for clinical problems amenable to CNS interventions for pediatric, geriatric and adult populations using Perioperative Nursing Data Set [PNDS], literature supporting evidence synthesis and clinical guidelines/care pathways.