Standards, Quality and Safety II

Course Number: PCS 62023
3 Credits

This course builds upon concepts learned in Standards, Quality and Safety for Perioperative CNS Practice I as students engage in consultative/collaborative relationships with multidisciplinary health care providers focusing on comprehensive wellness/illness assessments and problem-solving activities. Utilizing evidence-based techniques, students synthesize assessment data using critical thinking and clinical judgment to formulate differential diagnoses amenable to CNS intervention. High-risk clinical issues such as malignant hyperthermia, advanced airway management, trauma, and conscious sedation are examined in support of the clinical expert / translating evidence into practice role of the CNS. Students research critical processes within the practice environment, review/analyze regulatory and practice guidelines related to the perioperative arena, and evaluate patient safety programs according to Joint Commission standards. Additionally, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) surveillance guidelines are examined throughout the perioperative environment to identify and minimize the potential for surgical site infections. The analysis of these systems/processes exposes students to the value of collaboration as well as support the development of the consultant and managerial/leadership role of the perioperative clinical nurse specialist (PCNS).