Standards, Quality and Safety I

Course Number: PCS 62013
3 Credits

This course allows students to engage in systems thinking by performing environmental and system level assessments to identify factors that influence nursing practice and outcomes. These assessments will incorporate federal/state regulations, organizational practice standards, and evidence-based practice. Additionally, students will provide leadership in the design, implementation, and evaluation of a process improvement initiative. Students will design an evidence-based professional nursing education activity that promotes professional development of the nursing staff utilizing advanced communication skills. Adult learning principles, change management theory, and cultural awareness will be employed. Students knowledge in support of direct care will be enhanced as they conduct comprehensive holistic wellness and illness assessments on surgical patients across the age span. Strategies will be utilized to meet the multicultural and diverse needs of the patient population. This course will expose students to a multidisciplinary team approach to advanced practice nursing as well as support the development of the consultant, educator, manager, researcher and clinical role of the Perioperative Clinical Nurse Specialist (PCNS).