Graduate School of Nursing

Sandra C. Garmon Bibb, DNSc., RN CAPT, USN (Ret.)

Sandra C. Garmon Bibb, DNSc., RN
CAPT, USN (Ret.)
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: (301) 295-1206

The Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in the Graduate School of Nursing has been established to:

  • Partner with billeted and non-billeted faculty, academic programs and administration to provide programs and resources to assist and promote faculty growth and accomplishment
  • Function as a cross-boundary manager and consultant committed to monitoring, evaluating, developing and implement educational and administrative programs to meet unique faculty and program requirements
  • Serve as a personal advisor to the Dean and a liaison to the USU Faculty Senate and the GSN Leadership Council on all faculty-related issues

Faculty Affairs

The Faculty Affairs website is a central resource for GSN faculty members seeking information about USU programs and policies and other important resources.

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GSN Academic Policies and Procedures Frequently Used by Faculty

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Recommended Reading

Thriving in an academic environment. Kovach, C.R. (2004). Research in nursing and health; 27(2): 73-4.
The faculty portfolio: document the scholarship of teaching. Reece, S.M., Pearce C.W., Melillo, K.D., & Beaudry, M. (2001). Journal of Professional Nursing; 17(4): 180-6.

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