Theoretical Foundations for Military and Federal Health Research

Course Number: GSN 51122
2 Credits

The emphasis of this course is to provide instruction on the Research Process as it relates to the Military and Federal Health Systems. This course prepares students to critique, conduct and use nursing research in advanced clinical practice. The students will explore the history of nursing research and build upon their basic knowledge of the research process and the application of research findings to build an evidence-based clinical practice. Identification of problems is stressed to develop research designs to answer research questions. Extensive review of the literature is emphasized to develop an understanding of the current state of a particular nursing research problem. Review of the literature will also include critique of research and implications for implementation into advanced nursing practice. This course will provide an understanding of the entire research process necessary to critically evaluate and appraise the literature which is part of the requirements for Applied Scholarly Inquiry (GSN 56121) that will be conducted under the guidance of the your Research Director or Faculty Advisor during the fall semester.