Applied Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice

Course Number: GSN 51045
5 Credits

This course is designed to assist students in obtaining the necessary pharmacologic content required to prepare them to function in an advanced practice role. The course is unique in that explores, adapts and applies principles of pharmacology to the management of patient care within both primary and perioperative settings. The focus of the course is on major categories of drugs, their effects, side effects, toxicity and dosages. The principles of pharmacodynamics (action of drugs) and pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) will be emphasized along with necessary modifications required for age, weight and race differences among patients. Students will be asked to consider the interaction between commonly prescribed drugs and anesthetic agents, as well as medication safety in the context of preparing a patient for a surgical procedure. This course will challenge student critical thinking and problem solving skills as they apply pharmacologic principles to a wide array of chronic and acute clinical conditions as well as synthesize information as it relates to pharmacological treatment of a variety of disease components related to operational, humanitarian and homeland defense health risks.