Military Contingency Medicine/Bushmaster

Course Number: MM04001
6 Credits

This course begins with introductions by department faculty and guest speakers who have significant real-world experiences in the field supporting war-fighting, peace-keeping and humanitarian-assistance operations. Topics center on environments in which military medicine is practiced in deployed settings. Historical and contemporary missions, political considerations, international laws of armed conflict, military services support in joint and multi-national environments and the rules of engagement are some of the issues discussed. Military medical planning and medical intelligence are also covered early in the course. The focus remains on the elements that make military medicine unique such as 1) environmental medicine, both personnel exposure causing casualties and delivery of care outside of the hospital environment; 2) trauma management from basic life-saving skills to advanced interventions prior to definitive care; 3) preventive medicine and mitigation of other threats to mission accomplishment; 4) identification and management of global infectious diseases; and 5) behavioral sciences related to unique stressors such as combat, low-intensity conflict, and humanitarian assistance. As a part of this "capstone" course, students participate in a field training experience in a multidisciplinary environment with medical students and nurses working side-by-side in a team approach to deliver health care support in contingency settings.