Clinical Practicum and Seminar for Nurse Practitioner Practice II

Course Number: FNP 72124
4 Credits

Advanced practice nursing in the family nurse practitioner (FNP) role requires a synthesis of clinical knowledge and practical abilities. Understanding primary health care delivery in the military setting is imperative to successful practice within this system. A strong identity as an FNP and preparation to function in this advanced practice role is needed in order to adapt to a variety of health care environments.

This is the second of two clinical practicum courses in the last year of the program in which the student will be immersed in clinical practice to integrate newly acquired knowledge and skills in preparation to practice as a military FNP. Course content and presentations are intended to enhance learning, integrate knowledge and promote academic discussion on primary care and military issues commonly confronted by patients and their families. Clinical sites are carefully chosen in order to offer opportunities to participate as fully integrated family nurse practitioners.

This course will integrate case-based didactic content and skills training in a seminar and lab format in preparation for clinical practice as an FNP. The student will learn advanced skills and procedures for assessment, diagnosis and management of primary care and family practice patients. Operational readiness and deployment is integrated throughout this course.