Advanced Principles in Adult Primary Care

Course Number: FNP 62015
5 Credits

This course prepares the student to function at a beginning level as an advanced practice nurse (APN) in a primary care setting. This course applies the nursing process, using communication and assessment skills, interpreting findings, applying laboratory diagnostic methods, developing plans of care and implementing nursing strategies to promote the health of adolescents and young adults with common health problems. Operational readiness and deployment is integrated throughout this course.

This course is designed to teach the student to develop his/her own problem-solving grid for a variety of health problems presented by the adolescent, younger and older adult patient. The focus of this course will be on selected minor acute and chronic diseases seen in primary care. There will be an integration and application of concepts learned from pathophysiology and pharmacology, along with utilization of research findings in primary care nursing practice. Problem solving & critical thinking are emphasized throughout.