Contact Information

Department of Family Medicine

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Department of Family Medicine
4301 Jones Bridge Road, A1038
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799

Faculty Appointments

If you are seeking a faculty appointment through the Department of Family Medicine at USU:

  • 1. Read the USU Instruction 1100
  • 2. Prepare Curriculum Vitae- USU Format
  • 3. Obtain a letter of support from your department chair or service chief outlining your clinical involvement with USU students or other scholarly activity.
  • 4. Obtain endorsement from hospital commander on the letter of support.

For appointment at the Assistant Professor level, please mail your package to:

COL Brian K. Unwin
Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, MD 20814-4799

For Associate Professor or Professor appointments, please mail your entire package to:

Cindy C. Wilson, PhD CHES
Professor of Family Medicine
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, MD 20814-4799

If you move to a different duty station, please reapply for a new faculty appointment. Since your appointment is based upon involvement with USU students or other USU related scholarly activity at a particular site, you will need to reapply by submitting an updated CV, your new chair's letter of support, and the CO's endorsement signature. Appointments do not "move" with you!

For questions please contact:

For More Information see Sample command letter

Curriculum Vitae, USU Format

  • Full Name
  • Rank, Corp, Service if applicable
  • Address and Phone Number(Work & Home)
  • Preferred Email Address
  • Social Security Number(Required by Personnel for tracking purposes only)
  • Date of Birth and Marital Status
  • Education (Including location, dates attended and degrees awarded)
  • Employment Record (Including primary appointments, secondary appointments, consulting, etc., including reference to all previous appointments or work at USU)
  • Honors
  • Teaching Experience- Specifically outline responsibilities for teaching and/or other scholarly activities involving USU students
  • Committee Assignments and Administrative Experience
  • Editorial Positions, Appointments in Societies and Review Boards
  • Funded Grants (not required, but may be submitted if desired)
  • Publications (separated as shown):
        Publications refereed journals (including all authors, inclusive page numbers)
        Published books, chapters, or articles in non-refereed publications
        Published abstracts
  • Presentations at meetings (not required, but may be included if desired. If any of these are the same as published works indicated above, that should be indicated)