Faculty Senate


The annual awards sponsored by the USU Faculty Senate include the Carol J. Johns Medal, the Henry C. Wu Award for Excellence in Basic Research, the James J. Leonard Award for Excellence in Clinical Research, the Innovation in Teaching Awards, and the Appreciation Award

The Carol J. Johns Medal

Carol J. Johns, M.D., Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, was a long-time enthusiastic and effective supporter of the University. Dr. Johns worked for the health and survival of the University in numerous ways, and served as a member of the USU Board of Regents from 1985 until her death in 2000. A warm and gifted woman with remarkable personal humility and gentleness, Dr. Johns achieved the highest honors in academic medicine as a nationally recognized clinician, academician, and teacher. The University established an annual award in her name, the Carol J. Johns Medal. The Medal will honor the faculty member whose accomplishments emulate Dr. Johns spirit in: furthering the welfare and excellence of the USU faculty; promoting outstanding educational programs for the students; and, advancing the reputation of the University locally, nationally, and internationally. The Carol J. Johns Medal was presented for the first time during the 2001 USU Commencement Ceremonies.

Recipients of the Carol J. Johns Medal

  • 2001 Louis Pangaro, M.D., Colonel, MC, USA (Retired), Professor, USU SOM Department of Medicine
  • 2002 Rosemary C. Borke, Ph.D., Professor, USU SOM Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics
  • 2002 Val G. Hemming, M.D., Colonel, USAF, MC (Retired), Professor and Dean Emeritus, USU SOM
  • 2003 Norman M. Rich, M.D., F.A.C.S., Professor and Chair, USU SOM Department of Surgery
  • 2004 Cinda Helke, Ph.D., Professor, USU SOM Department of Pharmacology, Associate Dean, Graduate Education
  • 2005 Eric S. Marks, M.D., Professor, USU SOM Department of Medicine, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • 2006 Alison D. O'Brien, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, USU SOM Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • 2007 Neil E. Grunberg, Ph.D., Professor, USU SOM Department of Medical & Clinical Psychology
  • 2008 Merrily Poth, M.D., Professor, USU SOM Department of Pediatrics
  • 2009 Brian M. Cox, Ph.D., Professor, USU SOM Department of Pharmacology
  • 2010 Paul A. Hemmer, M.D., MPH Colonel, USAF, MC, Professor, USU SOM Department of Medicine
  • 2011 Sheila M. Muldoon, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Professor, USU SOM Department of Anesthesiology
  • 2012 Eleanor Metcalf, Ph.D., Professor USU SOM Department of Microbiology, Associate Dean of Graduate Education
  • 2013 Mark C. Haigney MD, Professor, USU School of Medicine, Department of Medicine
  • 2014 David G. McLeod, M.D., J.D., Colonel, MC, USA (Retired), Professor, USU SOM Department of Surgery

The Henry C. Wu Award for Excellence in Basic Research and The James J. Leonard Award for Excellence in Clinical Research

The Leonard and Wu Awards for Excellence in Research recognize USU faculty members and AFRRI scientists who, in the estimation of their peers, have made the most significant published scientific contribution to translational/clinical and basic biomedical research respectively, during the past three years. Henry C. Wu was a professor in the Department of Microbiology and the second chair of the department. Dr. Wu was a staunch supporter of doctoral programs in the basic sciences and his enthusiasm for science inspired both colleagues and students. James J. Leonard was the founding chair of the Department of Medicine and was instrumental in establishing undergraduate clinical education at USU and graduate medical education programs at affiliated hospitals. Dr. Leonard's approach to medicine and his accessibility endeared him to students and colleagues.

The recipients of the Wu and Leonard awards present an Award Lecture during USU Research Week at the eponymous Symposia. Each award includes a memento and $2,500.

Henry C. Wu Award
James J. Leonard Award
Ignacio Provencio, Ph.D.
Andre DuBois, M.D. Ph.D.

Michael Daly, Ph.D.
George Tsokos, M.D.

Anthony Maurelli, Ph.D.
Mark Haigney, M.D.

Teresa Dunn, Ph.D.
Carol Fullerton, Ph.D.

Chou-Zen Giam, Ph.D.
Shiv Srivastava, Ph.D.

Christopher Broder, Ph.D.
David Tribble, M.D. Dr. P.H.

Alison O'Brien, Ph.D.
Thomas Darling, M.D. Ph.D.

Ann Jerse, Ph.D.
Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, Ph.D.

Sharon Juliano, Ph.D.
Michael Feuerstein, Ph.D., MPH

Clifford Snapper, M.D.
Diane Seibert, Ph.D., CNRP, FAANP

Galina Petukhova, Ph.D.
Michael Xydakis, M.D.

Innovation in Education Awards

The USU Faculty Senate established two awards in 2009 to recognize innovation in preclinical teaching and innovation in clinical teaching. These awards honor faculty who exceeded the standards of teaching to improve the student experience. Each award consists of a certificate and $2500 to be used for future educational innovation. Awardees are selected by the USU Faculty Senate Education Committee from nominations received from faculty. Awards are presented at the annual Education Day luncheon.

Award Recipients

Pre-Clinical Science
Clinical Science
Rosemary Borke, Ph.D.
Professor, USU SOM
Department of Anatomy, Physiology, & Genetics
James Smirniotopoulos, M.D.
Professor & Chair, USU SOM
Department of Radiology & Radiological Sciences

Richard M. Conran, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, USU SOM
Department of Pathology
Jeffrey L. Goodie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, USU SOM
Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Justin Woodson
Dr. Joseph Lopreiato

Dr. James Palma
Dr. Lynn Byars

Barbara Knollmann-Ritschel, M.D.
William F. Kelly, M.D.

Outstanding Staff Award

This award was initiated by the Faculty Senate in 2005 to recognize an exceptional staff member for outstanding faculty support to help USU excel in research, teaching, or patient care, and for maintaining the culture of collegiality and professionalism at USU. A wall plaque that is engraved with the names of the award recipients is displayed in the lobby of Building B. Nominees are solicited from the Faculty Assembly and the recipient is selected by the Faculty Senate. This award can be given annually.
Award Recipients:

  • 2006 Mr. Stephen Brown, LRC
  • 2007 Mr. George Holborow, MDL
  • 2008 Dr. Joseph Czege, BIC
  • 2009 Ms. Mary Kay Gibbons, OPD and Mr. George Harriss, MDL
  • 2010 Mr. Gary Osier, LOG
  • 2011 1LT Sean Baker, MS, USA, PATH
  • 2012 Ms. Roberta McIntyre, OCR
  • 2013 Ms. Lucille Washington, MIC
Mr. Gary Osier, 2010 Outstanding Staff Award recipient, accepting an award