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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Robert W. Williams, Associate Professor, Biomedical Informatics Department

Dr. Robert W. Williams

Associate Professor


  • Measurement of protein secondary structure and disorder using vibrational spectroscopy
  • Prediction of protein secondary structure and disorder)
  • Development of new methods and software for the basic investigation of the forces between atoms in the solid state and aqueous solutions of amino acids, peptides, and proteins; separation of the harmonic and anharmonic contributions to the potential energy of interactions; accurate inclusion of van der Waals forces in density functional theory (DFT) calculations; measurement of vibrational frequencies using Raman, FTIR, teraHertz, and inelastic neutron scattering, particularly at low frequencies, below 400 wavenumbers; accurate predictions of these vibrational frequencies and the associated RMS displacements of atoms using DFT. A poster describing our work is available here.


  • XSpectra
    A graphical program for estimating protein secondary structure from Raman and FTIR spectra, and a general program for manipulating vibrational spectra.
  • Clinical WebLog
    A web based database system for recording the diversity of the medical student third year clerkship patient/problem experience.
  • Vib
    A system of programs for analyzing experimental and theoretical vibrational spectra.

Selected Publications

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RW Williams, I Bone, and AF Weir (2004) ''Complete experimental and calculated frequencies, potential energy distributions, scale factors, diagonal and selected interaction force constants for isotopomers of alanyl-alanine zwitterion in water, alanine, glycine, n-methylacetamide, acetate, formate, and methylamine'', J. Mol. Struct., These tables have been deposited with the British Library Lending Division (BLLD) as Supplementary Publication number SUP 26701, 92 pages.

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