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Medical and Clinical Psychology
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Pat DeLeon, Medical and Clinical Psychology

Curriculum Vitae

Pat DeLeon, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
Joint appointment: F.Edward Hébert School of Medicine and Graduate School of Nursing
Education: B.A. (1964) Amherst College; M.S. (1966), Purdue University; Ph.D. (1969) in Clinical Psychology, Purdue University; M.P.H. (1973) in Health Services Administration, University of Hawaii; J.D. (1980), The Columbus School of Law, Catholic University; Psy. D. (1993) Honorary Doctorate of Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno; Psy. D. (1997). Honorary Doctor of Psychology, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology; H.L.D. (2001) Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, NOVA Southeastern University. APA President (2000). Elected to Institute of Medicine (2008)

Selected Publications

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