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Quick Tip

Wondering how to use the Sakai LMS? On the ETI’s Resources page, you can view Quick Reference Guides to help you get started with Sakai.

Flipping the Classroom

On August 27, 2013, The ETI presented a professional development session for USUHS faculty that provided an introduction to the theory behind and the practice of "flipping the classroom." Handouts from that session are provided here.

  • Flipping Worksheet
    This worksheet is designed help you start flipping your classroom. It consists of a series of questions about specific elements of your flipped classroom learning experience that you can ask yourself. It also provides you with space to write the answers. When you have completed this document, you will have a good basis for your flipping plan.
  • Flipping Considerations
    In this document you will find some important elements to consider when flipping your classroom, along with specific suggestions for each step along the way.
  • Flipping Resources
    This document provides you with links to online resources that give you some background on the concept and practice of flipping. It also has links to sites that provide examples of activities you can have students do when they are in the classroom.
  • Accessibility Resources
    You want to make sure your online content is available to all of your students. These accessibility resources are designed to help you make versions of your Microsoft Office documents and other types of materials that are compliant with Section 508.
  • Flipping
    This handout provides you with all four of the Flipping documents in one file. It is the same as the handout you received if you attended the session.

Sakai Quick Reference Guides

The ETI has worked with the Office of the USUHS Chief Knowledge Officer to develop a set of quick reference guides for using the Sakai learning management system (LMS).

The following Sakai guides are available (Click the name to open the .pdf version):

  • Syllabus: Provides information about setting up your Syllabus.
  • Lessons: Provides information on creating Lessons and linking to resources using the Lessons tool.
  • Assignments: Provides information on using the Assignments tool to create web based assignments and linking them to your gradebook.
  • Discussion Boards: Provides information on how to set up and maintain your discussion boards.
  • Tests & Quizzes: Provides information on using the tests and quizzes tools available within the Sakai Learning Management System.

Guidelines for Use of Content from Copyrighted Sources

The ETI has worked with the USUHS Office of the General Counsel to develop a set of guidelines for faculty to refer to when they use content from copyrighted sources in Distributed Learning (DL) course materials. These guidelines are designed to help faculty members by providing a common-sense approach to citing sources when transitioning spoken presentations to a more permanent format for distribution to a wider audience. To download the guidelines, which are provided in a .pdf document, click here.

Handouts from Lunchtime Seminar on Using Discussion Boards (DB) in Teaching

Discussion_Board_Questionsv4_handout.pdf –This document, which provides the slides used at the lunchtime seminar on using discussion boards in teaching, describes the benefits of using discussion boards and provides recommendations for writing effective discussion board questions.

Note: though the session title includes “Blackboard” and Blackboard is mentioned in the handout, the techniques described can be used with discussion boards in any LMS, including Sakai.

DB_Creation_Techniques.pdf- This document, which was used as a handout at the lunchtime seminar on using discussion boards in teaching, provides explanations of different types of discussion board questions and postings.

Handouts from Lunchtime Seminar on Putting Course Materials Online

Aligning_Objectives_and_Activities.pdf- This document suggests online activities that can be used to support different types of objectives.

Handouts from Grand Rounds Session on Writing Objectives

061207_GRHO_objective_verbs.pdf- This document contains a list of verbs that can be used when writing higher-order and lower-order objectives

061207_GRHO_triangle_domains.pdf- This document contains a list of learning domains and a graphic depicting the relationship between objectives, learning activities and evaluation

032707_GRHO_lower-order_objectives.pdf- This document contains the slides that were used during the grand rounds session entitled “What “RIMEs” with COPD: Developing Learning Objectives and Preliminary Lesson Plans”

Handouts from Grand Rounds Session on Using Technology to Improve Clinical Teaching

121206_GRHO_USUHS_ETI_intro.pdf- This document contains the slides that were used during the grand rounds session entitled “Using Technology to Improve Clinical Teaching”