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Felicia Ballard
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We are excited to see you come on board as you begin your Core Clerkship Selective in Dermatology. We think dermatology is exciting, interesting, and rewarding. We hope that you come to the same conclusion by the end of your rotation with us! The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), through the efforts of a group of dermatology educators, has created an online Core Curriculum. This curriculum is a series of online modules and videos that encompass the core principles of dermatology that all physicians should know. You will be utilizing this curriculum during your Core Clerkship Rotation. Below you will find helpful information regarding the Dermatology Core Clerkship Selective.

Core Clerkships

Program Directors
Fort Belvoir

Dr. Melissa Scorza

Andrews AFB

Dr. Kyle Rockers


Dr. Mary Maiberger

Ft. Meade

Dr. Anne Spillane, Dr. Gerald Klingler


Dr. Brian Green

Selective Block

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Round 3

4/7/14- 5/2/14

3/23/15 - 4/24/154

Round 6

8/4/14- 8/29/14

7/20/15 - 8/21/15

Round 9

11/24/14- 12/19/14

11/9/15 - 12/11/15


Students interested in Dermatology can schedule Post-Clerkship rotations at various sites. The most common sites include WRNMMC, SAUCHEC, and NMCSD. These sites all have Student Coordinators who will assist you in scheduling your rotation. The contact information can be found below. If you need assistance scheduling at a site other than these three, please contact the Department of Dermatology for assistance.


Student Coordinator



Elijah Harvey


Karen Slavick


Erin Quiko

Helpful Links:

Welcome Packet contains information regarding the curriculum

Sakai websiteadditional information and resources

Evaluation Form to be completed at the conclusion of the rotation and submitted to Dermatology for review