Rehabilitation & Evaluation Program

The Rehabilitation and Evaluation Program will develop strategies to more accurately characterize the injury progression across the spectrum of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and will apply rehabilitative medicine approaches to intervene in order to prevent disability and enhance functional capacity on an individual basis.

Rehabilitation and Evaluation Program Primary Goals:

  • Evaluate cognitive interventions.
  • Perform epidemiological and qualitative investigations.
  • Pilot test robotic devices.
  • Assess movement and postural training programs and devices.

Critical Issues for the Rehabilitation & Evaluation Program:

  • The primary cause of TBI in soldiers is a closed head injury secondary to an explosion.
  • There has also been an increasing recognition of persistent problems resulting from milder forms of brain injury in soldiers.
  • There is an urgent need to develop more effective treatments for the devastating long term mental and physical health consequences and subsequent disability from a traumatic brain injury.

Research Projects

The Rehabilitation Program's Projects were selected for their potential to produce important information or an innovative treatment approach for those with TBI. An additional objective of the Projects was to eliminate redundancies and maximize the use of resources, as well as foster cross-institutional and multidisciplinary collaborations by combining projects and sharing investigators.

Rehabilitation Program Projects and Pilots

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Principal Investigator
Leighton Chan
Assess the Application of Haptic Technology to Functional Improvement in TBI

Diane Damiano
Effects of rapid reciprocal exercise vs. light therapy in TBI & PTSD

Diane Damiano
Development of a Robotic Telerehabilitation System for Warriors with TBI

Diane Damiano
Exercise Training, Aerobic Capacity, Fatigue, and Activity Tolerance in TBI

Yadira Del Toro
Safety and Efficacy of the BrainPortâ„¢ Balance Device

Louis French
Novel cognitive rehabilitation approaches for OIF/OEF TBI patients

Louis French
Exploring the Natural History of TBI within a Military Cohort - A Longitudinal Database and Blood Banking Study

Sandra Harrison-Weaver
Cognitive AT & Services Delivery for People w/ Moderate TBI

Gerard Reidy
Natural Hx of TBI -Subacute to Chronic Neuroimaging

Ann Scher
Epidemiology of Headache Disorders in a Military Cohort With and Without TBI

Barbara Springer
Computerized Dynamic Posturography in the Military Population

Ramon Diaz-Arrastia
Dopamine Receptor Imaging to Predict Response to Stimulant Therapy in Chronic TBI

Paul F. Pasquina
A Pilot Study of Bilateral Prefrontal Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to treat the symptoms of Mild TBI (mTBI) and PTSD
Hyung Park
Effects of time varying walking velocity in BWSTT for post TBI