Programmatic Oversight

USU is responsible on behalf of the DoD for the fiscal management as well as coordinating the establishment and operation of the CNRM. The CNRM Director (acting), Dr. Regina Armstrong, was appointed by the USU President, Dr. Charles Rice. The CNRM Co-Director, Dr. Walter Koroshetz, was appointed by the NIH Director, Dr. Elias Zerhouni. The lines of authority and responsibility for decision making and administration of the collaborative USU and NIH interactions for the CNRM are stated in a completed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The CNRM Director reports to the USU Vice President for Research, Dr. Richard Levine. The USU President has authority over the office of the Vice President for Research and all other USU entities involved with the CNRM, including the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Nursing.

As outlined in the MOU between USU and NIH, the CNRM will have a Programmatic Oversight Committee, which will have two subcommittees: a Scientific Oversight Subcommittee and a Human Studies Subcommittee. The Programmatic Oversight Committee will be appointed by the signatories of the MOU, the USU President and NIH Director. The members appointed to the Programmatic Oversight Committee are:

The Scientific Oversight Subcommittee will provide feedback to the CNRM investigators, Program Leaders, and Programmatic Oversight Committee as to the quality of the research proposed for CNRM funding. The Human Studies Subcommittee will have diverse representation from individuals with experience in human studies in military and civilian settings. The Human Studies Subcommittee will oversee issues related to human studies that are involved in many proposed research protocols and will focus efforts on establishing the optimal means to handle Internal Review Board approvals of protocols conducted at the multiple institutions participating in the CNRM.

Within the CNRM, each of the six Programs is led by Program Leaders comprised of a USU Program Leader and an NIH Co-Leader. The Program Leaders interact with the CNRM Directors to plan policies and procedures for activities within the CNRM. Each Program consists of research subprojects affiliated with the expertise of faculty within that program. Regulatory signature authority within each CNRM Program will fall to the USU Program Leader as the federal employee under the authority of the USU Vice President for Research.