Pre-Clinical Studies


Located on the USU campus, Bethesda, Maryland

Support for TBI Models

  • Controlled Cortical Impact Injury (CCI)
  • Fluid Percussion Injury (FPI)
  • Microinjection Facility
  • HIFU Shock Wave Injury (facility ready in mid- to late-2010)

Pre-Clinical Behavioral Assessments

  • Grip strength, hanging wire, rotarod, and parallel rod floor tests
  • Stoelting Any-maze Behavioral Tracking System for open field testing, light/dark box behavior, hole-board exploration, elevated plus maze, acoustic startle reflex, conditioned place preference test, the novel object recognition, the Morris water maze, Barnes maze, Porsolt swim test, 3-chambered social test, 24-hr activity/running wheel chambers.
  • Contact core personnel for additional assessments that may be available.

Main Software for Behavioral Data Analysis

  • Stoelting Any-maze Behavioral Tracking System software available as a free download HERE.
  • Data can be collected in the Core facility and brought back to your lab for analysis and storage.


Please contact Laura Tucker for scheduling.

Access to the use of these cores is subject to CNRM review and chargeback fees may apply.