Translational Imaging Core


Located on the USU Campus, in the LAM facilities.


Provide state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques to support in vivo preclinical assessments

Core Resources

Siemens Inveon Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner

image of Siemens Inveon Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner
  • Small bore (12 cm), ~ 1.5 mm spatial resolution, 2D and 3D reconstruction
  • Functional imaging using 18F-labed tracers (e.g., FDG)

Siemens Inveon Multimodality Computed Tomography (CT) scanner

  • Docks to PET scanner -> small bore (12 cm), single bed PET to CT
  • Maximum spatial resolution of 40 µm
  • Expandable to include SPECT imaging (1 mm resolution)

Siemens Software Platform

  • 3D visualization and analysis (5 seats)
  • Pharmacokinetic modeling (5 seats)
  • Dedicated image processing workstation (PET/CT)

Bruker BioSpec 70/20 USR Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

image of Bruker BioSpec 70/20 USR Magnetic Resonance Imaging system
  • 7T, 660 mT/m gradient strength, 11.4 cm gradient coil (bore size)
  • Phased-array coils, 4-8 receiver channels, parallel imaging
  • Auto positioning system

Bruker Software Platform

  • Paravision package (used by NIH): EPI with GE and SE options, perfusion imaging with pulsed ASL, DTI, spiral imaging with ultra-short T2
  • Dedicated image processing workstation (MRI)

Monitoring and Surgical Equipment

  • Warming beds, monitoring equipment, isoflurane, Leica surgical microscope
  • Radioactivity lab, approved Radionuclide Experimental Authorization under core PI

Standard Operating Procedures

Approved and established for PET/CT. Requests for SOP should be sent via email.

Service and Scheduling

Please complete the TIF User Request Form (PDF) for service and scheduling requests and e-mail completed form to

Points of contact for information on core resources, policies, and procedures

  • Bernard Dardzinski, Ph.D., Core PI - Email, (301) 295-3247
  • Scott Jones, LCDR, Ph.D., DABR - TIF Director - Email, (301) 295-3520
  • Alexandru Korotcov, Ph.D. - MRI Scientist - Email, (301) 295-9749

Access to the use of these cores is subject to CNRM review and chargeback fees may apply.