Informatics Core


Located on the CNRM Twinbrook Campus, CNRM Twinbrook Building, 12725 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, Maryland


  • Research computing server at USUHS (IBM BladeCenter acquired, highly scalable platform)
  • Hosting for server-based analytical tools supporting BIC instrumentation
  • Hosting for Translational Imaging Facility image processing and data system
  • Server hosting arrangements at NIH
  • Hosting for TBI Global ID and Human Image Processing Core data systems

Current Services and Activities

  • Electronic data capture / electronic case report form (EDC/eCRF) systems in support of clinical protocols
  • Participation in TBI community data standardization efforts supporting national TBI research and data repository project (e.g. common data elements, globally unique identifiers)
  • Research computing infrastructure support (e.g. server-based components of instrumentation at USUHS)
  • Supporting computing requirements of other CNRM Cores to achieve high levels of integration.
  • Biospecimen Repositiory Core (integration of third-party biorespository data system)
  • Image Processing Core (infrastructure support)
  • Building a central data repository (data warehouse) supporting CNRM research programs.

Resources in Development

  • Centralized informatics data repository (data warehouse)
  • USUHS -- repository protocol approved
  • Administrative support of clinical programs through information management systems, (e.g. protocol tracking, Recruitment core support)

Points of contact for information on core resources, policies, and procedures

  • Dr. Yang Fann, Core PI, Email, Phone: 301-451-5153
  • Dr. Ann Scher, Core Co-PI, Email, Phone: 301-295-3615

Access to the use of these cores is subject to CNRM review and chargeback fees may apply.