Acute Studies Core

The Acute Studies Core was established to address the earliest events that inform diagnosis and treatment of TBI. The Acute Studies Core will further develop a consortium of local sites for expansion of studies with acute patients and for recruitment of those patients into subsequent CNRM studies.

Studies of acute TBI patients are critical to perform in local civilian sites to exploit advanced technologies and perform interventional studies that would not be possible in theater. The earliest time points after injury are often the most informative for assessments, such as imaging and biomarkers, and the most effective for interventions, such as neuroprotective agents. Our complementary studies in later stage patients will then take advantage of this early stage information in both the civilian and military populations at NIH and WRNMMC, respectively. These later stage civilian studies will include re-contact of patients from the acute studies or enrollment of a given patient into a study that starts at a local hospital and continues at the NIH.

Acute Studies Core Resources and Capabilities

CNRM has established TBI clinical research programs at Bethesda Suburban Hospital and Washington Hospital Center. Importantly, these patients from these sites are geographically accessible for NIH-based studies and have served as a major pipeline for recruitment into CNRM studies at the NIH Clinical Center. The CNRM Acute Studies Core interactions at local civilian hospitals identify possible study participants as well as those who may be interested in being contacted for involvement in CNRM research protocols.

Acute Studies Core Resources

  • Acute Studies Core Principal Investigator and Project Manager
  • Acute study data collection and resource sharing
  • Referral and invitation to participate in CNRM-affiliated studies
  • Clinical site monitoring
  • Collaborative research relationships with local civilian sites to exploit advanced technologies and perform interventional studies

Points of Contact

  • Larry Latour, Ph.D, Core PI Email
  • Mariam Afzal, Project Manager Acute Studies Email

Access to the use of these cores is subject to CNRM review and chargeback fees may apply.