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IM/IT Support During a Government Shutdown

In the event of a non-weather related shutdown of the Uniformed Services University the below services and systems will be supported to the extent possible with military and excepted staff.

  • VP Information & Education Technology/CIO (acting): LT Alston McGann, USN
  • Chief Knowledge Officer (acting): 1LT Sean Baker, USA

All USU client/server and Web based applications will be operational as normal. However, only the systems identified below will be prioritized for support as identified. Operational support means that issues that arise during the shutdown will be assessed by available staff and resolved if possible. All other systems will be staffed for "best restoration effort" in the event of a system outage.

Prioritized Support

  • Sakai: Only emergency support for Test / Quizzes and Assignments will be provided. Self-Help information is in Sakai as well as
  • Echo360 lecture capture system: Block captures scheduled for GSN and PMB will be captured. Class of 2016 and 2017 lectures will be captured based on the schedule in place on 30 SEPT 2013. Previous year captured content will be made available for SOM students. All lectures currently online will remain so.
  • Pathology Slides Server: Maintenance support only; no new slides will be loaded.
  • GEO Online Application System: operational support.
  • MILPO: operational support.
  • Emergency Notification System: automated processes to update information in ENS will continue and are monitored.
  • Laboratory Animal Management System: operational support.
  • USU Website: The USU Operating Status will be updated as necessary. All other Website page updates will not occur.

Other Support Processes

  • Help Desk In-processing: Only for military and new excepted personnel and will include creation of Active Directory, Google and SSO accounts plus ENS registration.
  • Help Desk: Response to incident ticket types only with priority to outages/disruptions affecting more than one user. Request ticket types will not be addressed during the shutdown.
  • Sakaihelp: will be monitored but only password resets requests are projected to be supported. USU Staff should use the SSO password management utilities found at before submitting a Sakaihelp request.

Requests for support of other Systems and Processes:

Submit a USU Service Desk ticket: and then contact LT McGann. Request must specify how the action relates to the teaching mission or other excepted activity of the USU.